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Damn, my Teas arrived. This look, that sweet vocals!!
It may be a little bit brighter/shoutier than expected, but since mornign I am listening to all great songs I know like hell again and again and I am loving them even more. Let that be recommendation for this set, because nothing beats this kind of experience in my opinion :slight_smile:

Big thanks for recommendation to the Tea Grandfather Nymz (Xenns should definitely give you something for free (like Xenns Up) for your work in here) and everyone involved in this buy (PopinTeddy’s comparison to Variations also played major role)!

BTW, Aliexpress version of linsoul declared almost10x lower value of the product and it clicked, only 10$ of duty! I did not ask them for that though, so if because of that those would be sent back to China I would be quite pissed, so every medal (story?) has two sides :slight_smile:


Today I’m seeing different things on the same EJ07m page :man_shrugging: The store coupon is just a mere $20 off while the IEM is discounted. Yesterday the IEM wasn’t discounted but the store coupon was $149 off. Maybe because I became a member of the store? Dunno. I’m also wondering if shipping destination matters.

Again, using HBB’s words, “GHETTO.” :joy:


BTW isn’t MEST good enough for you? Wasn’t that supposed to be endgame and final buy? :smiley:


Aliexpress is so random, confusing and deceiving sometimes :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the trust :pray: I’m glad you loving them!!! Keep us posted with your Tea journey <3

Ahah that title belongs to HBB for bringing it up, I’m just a proud father. Teas are my sweet little loves and I’m about to have my pair back. 1 or 2 months without them… Savage.

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I… I take back my words for the “final buy” part… :sweat_smile:

Yes, MEST is THE endgame, period. Tea is the endgame as well (without the capitalization). Variations completed the endgame trinity, but it slacked off on its duty eventually—the destiny to please my ears.

Now with the Variations gone, it left a void in the trinity. Yes, it was that good. Sir Gawain SA6 was the set that ignited the fire to journey once again, but during the quest, RSV the Green Knight of Camelot galloped towards it and nearly rammed it to the ground. Yet, SA6 held steadfast and firm, withstood the bludgeoning of the RSV. It journeyed north with its gash and wounds, but out of nowhere pass the borders, EJ07m the fearsome wabbit of North, jumped out from its fiery cave and attacked with surprise. SA6 succumbed to its heavy gnawing, blood dripping along the cold, dark, and dreich Scottish rain. Yes, EJ07m came about and butchered it. Now I have to live with the EJ07m as a haunting specter by my side, as I journey once more in search of the Trinity.

So that was all to the bedtime story, the development will have to be continued later… Till the day the specter manifests its earthly embodiment.

Or maybe it’s all just a chivalric romance and I just happened to want to buy something nice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ER2XR, Heart Mirror and Yuan Li

Rapid-fire first impressions

General disclaimer: Any of the following IEMs were full paid and bought on Amazon (Ety) and hifigo (other two). All of them need amplification and will sound bad on simple jacks.

TForce Yuan Li

I got this IEM hoping for a more Neutral signature tuning, but it didn’t came out like that. First minutes in I was over-helmed how bad it sounded until I finally realized the stock cable was borked and proceded to replace it. Given that, all my impressions will not be done with the stock cable, I’m sorry.
Cables aside, I knew this sound profile. Proof I’m not crazy:

No, they don’t sound the same, they are close, but not the same IEM whatsoever, especially due to driver difference.

I’m gonna be brutally honest about Yuan Li: You want the more warm/bassy balanced tuning? Get Tripowin Mele for half the price. You want it for the Techs or Treble? Get Heart Mirror for half the price. You want the whole package or an upgrade? Get Etymotic ER2XR for the same price, if you don’t mind the fit.
Mids feel slight recessed, overall clarity seems good but when you compare it to HM or ER2 you know it is worse. Bass feels fine but then you plug Mele in and it’s a bloodbath.
Regarding techs, they are pretty good. Great imaging, good stage, average depth for the price range. Detail is average.

Conclusion: I don’t dislike it, in fact, I kind of like it. I just don’t think it adds anything to the market at this price point. There are better options out there. 3/5.

HZSOUND Heart Mirror

As neutral as neutral goes. Somewhat rolled of sub-bass, flat mids, big treblemaker as MRS described it. I paid 35€ for it on 11.11 and boy, I’m glad I did.
First things first: The treble. I’m using Final E with them to tame some of its peaks. It’s there, it’s present, and it might hurt the more sensible users - I’m enjoying it, and you all know I prefer DARK IEMS, while being sensitive to it. Although it is elevated, I don’t find it overcooked and very fatiguing like DQ6 or TSMR Land did to me, even tho there’s no bass shelf to compensate for it:

I just love it. Great techs, just average depth. Due to its tuning, the amount of treble extention and Air is just sweet. Loads of sparkles and separation. Mids are forward and giving the sense of pseudoaccoustics around you. Bass is more present than it seems on graph and very well done, lacking some elevation for some, just enough to give some warmth and note weight to the presentation.
A side note goes to modding and EQ, as I always give impressions and reviews of stock gear, but HM responds very well to EQ and tanya filters/foams.

Conclusion: Together with Mele, for the other half of my library, the two are my default under 100 USD picks. 4.5/5.

Etymotic ER2XR

The bracket gatekeeper. And yes, the fit is as bad as it seems or someone else have told you. You get used to it after some days, and foams help a lot (I still use them). If you can get it for 100usd or even less (US prices), it’s a no brainer.

Stage and depth are average to below average due to fit, but imaging is fine and separation is good which helps you to not feel claustrophobic and actually enjoy the presentation. The level of detail and clarity is pretty good.
Tuning wise, I love it. Bass is present, but not bleeding and also not overcooked, in fact, it feels slight less than it graphs. Mids are great and forward but never overly done and also not shadowing everything else. Treble is just right and never fatiguing, with sparkles and enough elevation to feel present. Note weight is good and never thin.

Conclusion: I love it for the price. Praised by everyone for good reason. Fit is bad, isolation is great, cable is very ghetto. Soundstage addicts will find it lacking, but seems to compensate with other stuff. Easy rec if you can get past the fit. 5/5.


That is a nice tale.
I am afraid that your trinity would evolve to some kind of quaternity at some point…
BTW Have you listened to EJ07M IRL?
Dudu answered that 450$ is the price I can get (don’t know if with VAT or without yet) and got me thinking…


Completely 0 lol…
Completely base on the trust on the word of mouth on this forum and the extensive reviews I’ve watched. Good thing so far nothing recced by this forum has disappointed me (that also entails that one makes a judgment by the information s/he received)

Didn’t you just get the Tea today? As much as the EJ07m sounds like a deal at this time, there’ll always be a next time for discount. I’m def not a shill, so I advise just spend time with your Tea. I remember you were also interested in MEST; for that, I’d rec. But first you gotta spend at least a few days even weeks to get to know your tastes better. I held on to the Variations for 3 weeks until I decided it’s gotta go for my ears, albeit it being very good. The same thing happened to my Tea, I disliked it for the first two weeks but it gradually burned in and became smoother, and both me and my flatmate said the sound signature was a lot better than the first impression. It’s most likely due to the brain adjusting to the unfamiliar signature.

EJ07m is just a big bet for me, but that’s because I’ve probably rewatched all the youtube reviews on the SA6, EJ07/m, RSV, Oracle, Xenns UP like twice already, plus I have the funds, before jumping on it.

Audiophilia is important, but wallet is importanter. :joy:

They asked me about VAT and my tax file number after I purchased, but I guess if you’d like to it’s always good to discuss this before payment.


That’s a nice price. And no, no VAT if done right :slight_smile:

For 450$, it’s a no brainer to my library. I even paid more lol. Keep in my mind you might need to buy tanya as well, so add that.

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On AliX, I think it’s no VAT (for UK) if it’s above like £135 or something?

Just a word on Dudo and declaring lower values than what you paid: I tried this method for my Oxygen, and DHL / UK customs ended up rejecting and returning the parcel to the sender. DHL told me that this seller has been flagged and was already under investigation. So if you do ask them to declare a low value, avoid DHL. I’m currently waiting on a replacement unit sent via Ali Standard Shipping :crossed_fingers:


Same, they told me to use Fedex and avoid DHL

I would not buy anything from Aliexpress …

I just checked the store and I see this:

I opened an incognito window and I see this:

Can anyone explain?

EDIT: I like how it says 599 USD in the picture and how it strikes out 1018.29 USD as the price in the second screenshot

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That is probably the price when VAT is factored in. (its like that for my aliexpress as well.)

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Aliexpress Member price. It also shows VAT for you, but removes on checkout I guess?


that would explain why i see 630 instead of popinteddies 530, but not why it gives me 712 in incognito mode

EDIT: ok, as nymz said, the member price may explain the higher price in incognito mode… still strange

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Ues you are completely correct and reasonable. I would take my time with nice cup of tea. They have amazing fit for me as well even with stock L tips. I cannot get anywhere close that with Mele no matter what I try. Semicustom shape is better for my anatomy definitely.

Buying new is probably not the wisest choice for the wallet anyway, as there are some great offers 2nd hand here and on head fi from time to time. It is safer and more exciting to follow those looking for some white crows. It is amazing how many great offers are only available in US though.

P.s. what a beauty it is…




Tea Cult CEO


I tried the final E tips on the heart mirror.
They are way easier to listen to, now.

I did a quick comparison again with Aria, and now the HM can be warmer than aria. It has less bad extension, though. But the most important: voices on HM are more forward than aria (especially female vocals, I still have to test with other make singers) and have more body!

The spinfit saved this set once, and now I can say you brought them back from the dead :pray:

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