Nymzreviews.com official thread

Oh, I can do dat bruh


Declared specs seem to be real


Yo @nymz, legends say that you’ve had experience putting on custom decals or such on iems. I was wondering if I can do this with any iem and fit them however one would want to?

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It’s a costume made shell, not a decal sorry. You can find it above on a @domq422 post, is the iem with the DP logos.

This one! :drooling_face:

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Frequency Response Graph:

First impressions:

Solid performer.

Palatable tuning with slightly out of the head imaging, sinning only by lacking more sharping transients.

Edit: Nice macro dynamics. Acessories are top notch. Timbre and texture are good.

Provisional Ranking: A-


deep breaths deep breaths

Oh, boy…oh I’m not ready for this

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There’s a dude on Discord been trying to sell his for $260 if you decide it’s the way to go!


I’m TRYING to be good. I was watching that Vulkan on Head-Fi for $200 before it got pulled, because I was trying NOT to buy it.

I don’t need Nymz telling me that I would like it, as I’m trying to stay out of that $300-600 range right now and I don’t need the gateway drug! lol


So would my best bet be just stickers then? I’m asking about something like a print that would fit on any iem just to be clear. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I get what you want but I’ve never heard about anything like that. Sorry :frowning:

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Couldn’t you just wrap them in vinyl? There are companies that can produce a small print of your design, which you can then apply on top of the backplate and if necessary use a heatgun to apply smoothly over the sides as well. Then clean off the excess with an exacto knife.

I’ve done this in the past with phones and tablets as I don’t like to use protective cases on those devices.

Just a thought…


Sony ZX300

New toy, who that? @pylaczynski


I did not like the A55 at all sound wise (with MrWalkman mod), but the ZX300 is a different story. Excellent distraction free DAP, miss mine occasionally.

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It is a brick isn’t it?

@rattlingblanketwoman have you checked Mr. Walkman firmware? For me they (A55 and ZX300) sound basically the same with the same FW on (said to be “WM1Z” like). Though I admit I can’t hear shit :smiley:

Sorry it was the A45 with Mr Walkman firmware that I really didn’t like.

A55 should be 1:1 like A45, so quite interesting to be honest

I love my ZX 300 but I like its bigger brother even more…

Tea 2 rocks!!!


@Tfaduh :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Interesting… I was looking at a second hand ZX507 on head-fi so I would love some Sony DAP impressions