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You already belong to the Cult. Everyone with a good heart does.

But here’s a cookie from the future :cookie:

Not gonna lie: the mod you did to that set, and the cable on it are freaking sick. I was genuinely impressed!

But I think I’d be a Tantalus guy, honestly.

Damn which cable is that? :drooling_face:

We did we did - fun times. The Library was the perfect venue!

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Can confirm that Tea works very well with Kpop, especially with its 3D / holographic stage. Kpop as a musical genre gets a lot of hate but there is actually a lot of high-quality musical production in the back ground (albeit digital production). I heard sounds in tracks that I had never heard before after switching from Variations to the Teas. The Teas still slam but also provide some sweet mid-bass that the Variations lack. Going back and forth, the Variations sounded hollowed out but distract you with the sub-bass. I sold the Variations and never looked back.

TL/DR: just get the Tea and be done with it. :smile:

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7hz Timeless AE

Unit kindly provided by AngelEars on Aliexpress. They also told me it is going on sale for the black friday period. I’ll try to gather more details on this later.

Frequency Response Graph:

Package thoughts:

  • These are gorgeous. Together with DUNU Talos, my favourite aestethics by far.
  • The cable feels premium compared to the OG’s. Swapable terminations is a sweet touch.
  • The new case can actually be used as a carry on case and not a paper-weight :sweat_smile:
  • 2-Pin. F*** yes.
  • Fit is exactly the same. If you had problems with the OG, you’ll have the same and vice-versa.
  • Did I mention gorgeous?

Preliminary sound thoughts:

  • Timeless is still the king resolution for a reason. The AE is no exception.
  • The problems that Timeless had, imaging wise, were carried over to the AE version (from memory).
  • The sub-bass boost makes it even more palatable - I like it a lot.
  • The upper-mid range and treble seem less peaky/wonky/sharp, but that might be a placebo so grain of salt here.

uhh, what is Rinko doing there?

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Not sure… It came inside the box. But I’ll know in which desk it will end :smirk:

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AngelEars do have a limited version of the Bravery.

It’s probably because of that. Know anything about it? Should I take a shot at that one?

Afaik, its just a different look, no changes in sound, which is needed lol.

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Replacement Tea came in today. I ended up purchasing another pair off a friend on Head-Fi. With the EJ’s in transit after a RMA with Letshouer, and having recently sold the Yanyin Moonlights, I’ve been using Apple AirPod Pros over the last couple of weeks. Unboxed, slapped on a pair of Final E tips and wow…what a difference coming back to the OG Tea with the Q5K!

Now that the OG Tea is back in the stable, I will be unsubscribing from this thread to prevent further temptation. :laughing:

I am so grateful to have found the @nymz cult. Definitely loving the cookies.


You thought it would be that easy, huh?



What I should be doing…

In reality…


@canuck_01201 is all ready to say “Yes, Daddy Nymz”…

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Aren’t we all? :wink:

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Nope. I like nymz and all, but nope. There will be no calling nymz daddy for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you can get a hold of the Radius Deep Mount tips I highly recommend giving them a try on the OG Tea.

And this recommendation comes down from the CEO.

Amazon.jp has them.

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Confirming. RDM gucci gucci. Final E also slaps, just different.

Thanks for the recommendation. I just checked the amazon.jp website. Aesthetics aside, are there any differences between the clear and black models?

Also, re: sizing, I know Azlas are atypical from conventional sizing…does the same apply to RDMs?