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I just wish it wasn’t Android 8

Sorry, this “LEC” promo, is that similar to the 11.11 cards you had to buy beforehand? Or is it a simple code?

Yeah I think the V2 has more bass and treble

How’s Symphonium Meteor comprares to Softears RSV?

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Yeah similar to 11:11 wierd way Linsoul uses. First you need to buy ticket in a 2 hr window then go back 6 hrs later to purchase gift card .

My bad as I didn’t read all the stipulated conditions of min order value for free shipping must be $12.99 more than value of gift card as that total does not count.

For me it was a matter of principle and I hate feeling like I am getting ripped off.

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Catching up today from Thanksgiving hiatus and I see this - Nice. These look so slick, I really like the look of the simple yet eye catching shell. BRB going to read your review of the Aful now!

so… its time for my experience with the p1 max :panda_face:

(yes yes bad camera + worse photography skills )

first of all i want to say im not a reviewer, not a professional of something,
just a simple guy that loves music .
second, I’m not an English native speaker so I’m sorry for my mistakes to come in this “review”

my main music metal, rock, and all of its acoustic covers. mostly male vocalists.
my preference is good separation, forward and natural vocals with a bit of warmth.

first lets talk about build:
pretty plasticky, very nice cable , lots of tips, they are pretty big but still comfortable , and super light.

so i ordered the p1 max on 11/11 for 85$ which is a great price i believe , but was it worth it?
the first time i plugged them in to my L30+E30 combo i was playing this song:
( Currents - The Death We Seek - YouTube)
this is one of the hardest song to play properly, its heavy, busy with a lot of vocals and instruments
and i must say it was bad to listen. what i mean by saying bad?
well after a few seconds in the song there is a part of vocals , well i couldn’t hear them at all.
i was like “wait, isn’t the singer should have been popping by now?”
what happened is the drums was so dominant that they drown the vocals.
so i plugged them to my phone (oneplus 6) the way i intended to use them, and a major improvement but still not there yet,
too much midbass.
after an hour of listening i had to EQ them, nothing crazy, but just to bring more the vocals.
and as most planars do, they respond really well.
so as for now im gonna talk about them with this EQ (this is a very simple EQ through Spotify, im not an expert and im sure there are better ways )
while powering them up with my phone (drives them pretty well) with stock tips and stock cable.

great rumble, drums sound good and immersive , male vocals have great body and plenty of note weight.
way too much midbass for me without eq (im sure some of you would love them for that).
without eq every song that has a lot of drums (like almost every song in metal ) just drowns all the vocals.
i mostly don’t care too much about wide soundstage but i do feel like im lacking stage just because i wish the drums to be a bit further away.

very good mids, vocals sounds natural and warm i wish they were a bit more forward with a bit more bite (do scale up with volume), without eq this is a very chill set to listen to might sound a bit boomy.
pianos sound good also, specially strings like acoustic guitars and violin.
i do prefer on these female vocals over males.
imaging is good but nothing crazy.

perfect for me, great details and extension with 0 fatigue. i listen to these for hours and i didn’t even notice.

a few thing to be aware, these are great to listen in mid-high to high volums or low volume (for some reason on low volumes vocals are more prominent)
i still manage to enjoy vocals on these without EQ with a bit more volume thanks to pandas pretty good separation.

overall im very happy with them although they are not the best iems for metal they are great for rock and acoustics.
major improvement over my previous tin t3+, totally worth the price, just wish they had less midbass.
these are great to listen to during work/studying cause they won’t drag you down deep into your music, which is a bad or a good thing depends on you,
i didnt find a song of these that i had to stop what i was doing and be like “oh yea, that’s what im talking about” .
im sure i can EQ them more or do some tip rolling but im happy with them as they are right now and well, i can’t buy a fish and complain why it can’t fly ah?
they do exactly what i wanted them to do as a portable set to listen during study/work/bus.

  • about tips, the stock tips seal the ears very well which makes drums hit like a truck and let you feel the rumble, but they also boost the bass to a point where vocals are drowned.
    i did tried different tips (the black ones that comes in the box) and major improvement in vocal department but it took away the rumble.
    with the black tips i don’t need EQ. just enough volume.
    after a good listening session the best combo is the stock tips with the good seal + EQ, in that way i can enjoy the vocals while stil get the rumble.
    these are very very flexible iem if you like EQ and tip rolling, hugh potential and im glad i got them (pretty easily) to there i wanted them to be. (this is my EQ with the stock tips)

sorry for the long assay but i had to get this off of my chest xD
thanks for reading !
BTW - my tea’s 2 are on the way :slight_smile:


Hey, you did great considering English is your second language, btw!

I really enjoyed my short time with the P1 Max, (courtesy of @GooberBM). I found them to be fairly natural sounding, almost single DD like, with a very laid back signature. I really enjoyed the Mid bass contrasting to your experience but I definitely appreciated your article, brother. Nicely done :handshake:


thank you brother <3


Finally got around to reading the review - these seem really really impressive for the $220 asking price. The tuning seems quite beautiful- I see that you wrote that the drivers don’t posses the same coherent nature as the MMKII however. While the tuning is pretty damn similar, the Technical chops along with some tuning differences are enough to justify the increase in price with the Monarch’s to me.

But that smaller shell is most likely going to pull a lot of people in - as they look so similar, graph very similarly and seem to have that sub bass over mid bass style tuning.


I’ve ordered mine in Prelude color (:purple_circle:)
Might be here on Monday but you never know with Linsoul shipping.

Apparently it’s PANDA DAY today, cause I just put up my review too :slight_smile:


@nymz Got a NX7 btw. Was on sale on Amazon so… :roll_eyes:


I’m glad this turned out well for you, considering I helped lead you in this direction. I appreciate you giving them a shot :slight_smile:


The promo is over you only had 2 hours to purchase pretty silly promo.

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thank you man, a lot of good people helped me , love this community :fire: :heart:



Congratz man


Anyone have experience with the Truthear Hexa and Aful performer 5? Looking to get a affordable hybrid and these two are hyped at the moment and seem to be good for the price and have similar specs. I know the aful is more bass heavy and the hexa is more neutral, but can anyone attest to how difference they are in technicallities/resolution etc?

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I’d be pretty surprised if someone outside of the reviewers pool have had their hands on both. I believe @Timmy-Gizaudio has heard both, considering he has videos on both sets. Maybe Timmy can chime in?


That’s the great thing about this forum. We’re all here for the music and all thoughts are welcomed and rarely is their drama. I’ve never tried the Max only the P1. Didn’t sit right with me. That was early in my IEM journey before I took notes. Maybe my ears weren’t fully accustomed to hi-fidelity sound at the time. Either way I can’t remember exactly what turned me away from it. Look forward to your thoughts on the Tea2.