Official "Is Z a shill?" thread

It’s 2019. Is the Earth flat? Is Z a shill? What does Marsellus Wallace look like?

What’s the deal, guys? What has been your experience making purchases based on Z’s reviews? Mine has been very positive, but I have only made a few purchases and they’ve been cheaper items. I’m skeptical of the accusations.

What do you think?


he’s not a shill. while he does gets gear from their creators for review, he doesn’t hold back if he doesn’t like something. take for example his comments about the Senn HD800’s…doesn’t like them (same for me, don’t like em and that was even before I saw Z’s review) when most others do. or the Monolith M565…says they’re garbage.

audio is about achieving endgame…and while some products may have issues, they will have their benefits and that’s what he does. pros n cons. then you decide if you can live with those.


Does it matter if he shills? I think that while hype happens, you’d be lazy to not just spending a bit of time watching and reading other content to see if you can trust any recommendation let alone spend money.

This being said, Zeos does appear to favor reasonably priced equipment and has discussed cost to performance in passing a few times when making a close call recommendation.

Me, personally, I’m happy with things I have purchased based off of his and other reviews recommendations.


agreed, it would be unwise to use just one source to make/break a decision for you. seek out multiple reviews and/or ask questions on forums about the equipment in question and then see what commonalities appear for the pros/cons and figure out if you can live with those. :slight_smile:


If Zeos is a shill, he’s not doing a very good job at it.


Well if he turned out to be a super crazy shill, a total D bag, called your mum a soggy piece of lettuce or whatever. You could just go to his house and pat Chewbacca. He did just dox himself like 2 days ago.

But please don’t do that. Very bad. Not recommended

I don’t make too many purchases but I do love my music…the Mrs has just got herself a pair of Momentum 2.0 to block out my ‘audiophile’ Sh*t lol.

Z’s job is to help people buy things that don’t suck.

I don't regret what I purchased as a result from watching a particular review.

Those are specific items that I have been looking into anyway. Though it is easy to get carried away with continuous watching as his videos generate a lot of FOMO.

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I mean if we’re honest is it really about achieving end-game or is it just “let’s just get a good pair of headphones, no I need one for every occasion, now every music style, one for tubes, one for solid state, I need some made of wood too…” oh wait where did my money go?


I think it’s more a case of “Z doesn’t want to review absolute garbage and can pick what he reviews”.

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Except when he does review something that turns out to be a hot mess, because then we get the most entertaining version of Zeos.


What does Marsellus Wallace look like?

Does he look like a bitch?

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Um excuse me! He reviews vacuums too sometimes ya know.


It depends only, his review spans for a long time, and he changes gear with it also, I bought my Denon D600 and AD1000x based on his review and I’m quite satisfied with them both, then again, I also tried and loved the M70x, so… It deoends on a lot of factors, trust your ear the most!


(Damn minimum characters limit. The proper reply to this is just “What?”, c’mon now. :slight_smile: )


Audio gear is always constantly evolving and getting better so it is only natural to move with the times. Also taking into consideration that the person gains more knowledge along the way is very important.
There was a time when Z always recommended the Fiio E10K. Back when that was still really a thing.
Now days it is a piece of trash in comparison to the other products in it’s price range.
Then the Objective amp and DAC came out and that was the absolute shit. It is still good. But there have been better things since that have been put out there, some of which specifically to replace them.
As new things come out and you listen to better things, you are going to naturally replace things along the way with those newer better things that now exist.

And yes you also also have to consider yourself in the equation. Every person’s ears are different and that changes what everyone enjoys. Age also coming into play.
Then there are people who have barely heard any hardware and also people who are just completely ignorant (people that buy Beats by Dre because they think it is the best sound ever for example).
Same reason why some people swear by the audio technica m50’s. Go those things were terrible.
But hey some people loved them.

Music is just one of those oddly very subjective and more so than other things that you would think are more subjective. Like fashion or favorite food.


at the end of it, the fact that he roasts stuff donated by the manufacturer and doesn’t fear reprisal or that he will go against the common opinion is a pretty good sign he’s not a schill. :slight_smile:


If a shill is a person that over sells what he loves then z is a shill. But if a shill is a person that over sells or tried to sell things that companies give him for free or sponsors then z is not a shill as he has criticised many headphones given to him for free.


I have just good experiences with the stuff he recommends and Im a few thousands in the game now.
I completely agree that he speaks his honest mind about the products, there are more then a handful of products he completely slam dunks, or just explains why he doesn’t like them.
Some of his reviews, like aelous, sendy aiva, or argons, are overwhelmingly positive, but thats rather because hes a really emotional person, but that’s also why I like his reviews that much.
Btw, Im listening to my Aivas right now and I love them as much as he does. And my biggest regret in Audio is that I sold my nighthawks, I bought because of zs review. I really need a new one.