Ok who has a pair of the FiiO FH7's

Seen the ‘reviews’…is it worth me pulling the trigger?..I’d like to hear some feed back from people who use them day to day…how much better are they compared to the P1’s…I rate the P1’s btw.

:beers: guys.

The denon d series stuff really isn’t talked about as much, and its pretty good imo, both the newer and older denons. I personally ended up preferring the th900 mk2 (which is kinda similar tbh), but the 9200 is just as capable with a bit different sound. :+1: for foster biodynamics

Aye I love my music, music, music (and my lady lol) …thought about Denon’s and Fostex but i’m comfortable with the P1’s (surprising myself here) iem wise, seems iem’s are moving on tech wise while over ears are resting on their laurels?..Chifi are pushing hard sound wise imo.

The FH7’s are my baseline as I’ve had them the longest of recent tech, with the M11. I have quite a few IEM’s now including Custom fit StealtSonics C4’s that are very good at a slight cost premium.

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I’ve got them and I love them! I also have the P1’s but blew the right driver somehow. Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed the P1s but it was more of an enjoyment from a new unique experience rather than them being my bread and butter. Then I got the FH7s and haven’t looked back. The P1s are an intense rush of sound compared to the FH7s being an enveloping, lush, big sound. Separation for frequencies is awesome. Each stage has room to breathe which gives it a great clarity without it feeling too open. I’m 2.5 months in with them and still want to hear them everyday. I’ve slowed down my listening on Elex’s and 800S’s and am comfortable running to the 7s. They’re a good buy! Take the leap of faith, brother!

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Thinking of buying this next - what over ears does it compare favorably to? I know it’s all subjective - just curious to see how many people would use these above other options :slight_smile:

So did you pull the plug on them yet? :eyes:

Funny you say that…i’m bidding on a pair as we speak, if that doesn’t work out i’ll just buy new as this will be my final iem purchase this year if not ever :open_mouth: lol


What other IEMs do you have? I’m really thinking hard on the FH7’s as well.

I’ve got 2 more to research over the weekend before I decide…now added the Sony EX-1000 s/h and Fearless Audio S8F to the FH7’s which do I buy??? list.

The EX1000 is great but it’s not for everyone. I’m somewhat upset I sold mine a while ago, but they are great iems for sure.

The fearless stuff is really good too

I can get a good s/h set of the EX-1000’s for £420 with all the original stuff, cables and case etc…
I’m really leaning towards the Fearless S8F now as it seems to me exactly what i’m looking for regarding sound signature and over all sound stage and presentation…The FH7’s are a similar price but i’m dubious about stuff like interchangeable filters etc in the same respect I don’t eq…why buy a headphone or iem you don’t like the sound of in the first place?
I did enjoy tweaking my Phantoms that was fun but for an IEM’s I want to plug, play and groove away with minimal faffing :+1:

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Sometimes more choices aren’t what you are looking for lol

That’s my thinking the Roland would be my first choice but @ $1k that’s a big commitment for me, the S8F is half that price but still a banging straight up iem :+1:

Honestly at this point in time, I don’t think I would buy iems for over 1k (unless you can get an absolute killer deal on them) because of how quickly the high end tends to trickle down for iems and reach better and better price points


MON did you get the Penta’s?..Chifi :headphones::muscle:’ing there?

I did get the pentas, but there is also a fair amount of chifi competition in that range as well. I just got a really good deal on them, and was quite surprised mainly by the timbre and tuning of the iem, as it’s not something I have heard yet from a chifi iem

Fearless S8F?..

I have heard the Roland, Lancelot, and Y2K G10, all pretty dang good, but not something I was exactly looking for in an iem (well or I preferred the iems I already had)

And what did you think about them?..and hopefully a new fearless dd hybrid :+1: