Pad rolling Beyerdynamic

So, I seem to be one of those few people that don’t find their DT990 Pros to be too sharp with their highs. I do notice that the clamp can be a bit fatiguing, and they do seem to be a more intimate headphone for an open back. Of course, I could just be spoiled from my HE-4XX…
Has anyone tried pad rolling them? Or any suggestions on how to improve comfort at least?

interested in this as well would love a pad that was deeper and improved subbass

I kinda feel like what I want is a little more space, subbass, and (more so the low end, but also a little) highs without touching the accuracy and clarity. Probably not happening, but I can dream.

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Sounds like an 880 600 ohm lol

possible, maybe a dekoni pad? they seem thicc. probably worth a try. but I also dont really want the pads to affect the treble like at all

I just want a little bit more treble. Just a touch if anything. My main things would be a bit more space and comfort without fucking with the clarity and accuracy.

But could I take what I have and improve them for less? The KHAN mod is still in the back of my mind… But I could also just buy a pair of KHANs and have both. ^^

more space I aggree with. and more subbass on my end I think the treble for me is like right where I want it TBH. pads arent that accessable to me unfortunately living in canada

from what I remember people saying the khans aren’t as sharp as the 990

I’m literally 3 miles from your boarder. There ain’t jack shit out here in Northern Maine, except online.
If that’s true, that it’s sad. I’d probably send it in for the removable cable mod and maybe the case.

nah was more complaining about the lack of dekoni and other pad brands aside from brainwavz in our e commerse stores


check out the 1990 thread for some information about different pads

hope this helps a bit - I see this is no perfect answer to your question

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speaking for the 1990s … the dekoni elite velours pads are very thick and comfy - though the clamp is a bit tighter - compared to the original pads

Except we aren’t talking about the 1990s, but the 990s, or do they cross over that much?
@Martin_Lesch I don’t believe that graphs are going to tell me anything about how they sound. I personally disregard them, thusly making things purely extracting their info from a graph irrelevant to me.

I can just test the DT 990s for you with the different Dekoni Pads tomorrow.

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that would be really cool of you will be looking forward to it

I tried the dekoni choice suede Beyer pads with the DT770 250 ohm and the only change that I really noticed was a slight increase in the highs.