Planar, tight & punchy bass < 500$

I would love to try the whole planar experience and since I’m listening to alot of techno stuffs
I’m curious which “entry planar” has the tightest, punchiest, fastest, most detailed bass… lol…

Of course I’m looking at the Sundaras, HE400i 2020 and some others these days.
But am I missing something? I’d prefer things that are not on Drop…
Audeze LCD-1 yay or nay? M1060C (closed back could be noice for EDM)?
Subbass is not the most important to me, just a crisp & mighty kickdrum.

Be nice if they work with the Motu M2, but not a dealbreaker.

I use HD25 for DJing and actually enjoy their sound alot. Also a fan of the AKG K371 & Fiio FH3.

I know this is so subjective, but maybe in terms of bass technicalities there are 2 or 3 highly recommended planars?


M1060’s and M1060C’s modded open back have been called mini LCD2C and many reviewers who note the LCD2C is overall better say that the bass on these alone actually outdoes the $800+ set. I posted in the deals thread they are both on sale vs the normal prices (atleast I have seen)
as well at the sundaras

also posted deals on sundara’s and HE-560 (admittedly don’t know a lot about those but they were once “$900” lol I guess the sundara’s were better tho)

here is the post

if bass is a concern outside of Argons I can’t think of anything better

The best entry Level Planar are the Audeze Lcd 2 c,Dan clark Aoen 2,and Hifiman Ananda.
But is a bit expensiver as that would you spend.
The Hifiman Sundura need a Amp for a good Result.
It give the Aoen 2 RT a little downgrade from the Aeon 2 from Dan clark.

Some are very Happy with the Monolith M1060.

At this time check the Gold Planar GL2000 in this Forum the are pricly.
The Hifiman He400 are not really good.Can not compare with the Lcd2c they are two differnent things.
The Minimum is really the Sundura but it gives better.

What amp you are in use?


those headphones

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Thanks, maybe I should’ve added, that I use a Motu M2 (190mW @ 55 Ohms) & best case scenario also use them with the Pioneer DDJ-1000 headphone out.
I’m not looking for headphones that cost more than 500$ and won’t consider those.

The M1060C do look interesting - i think the headband style is the only thing putting me off.
Argons will probably not run on the DDJ-1000, they do look amazing in my opinion & tick alot of boxes.
But I’m in europe and the market is different here.

you can get AMP’s that run all of these for $100 or less, the schiit magni 3(not 3+) is sometimes on amazon for $80 without shipping(and sometimes +$10 shipping, check “other offers” and if you wait a bit you can get it $10 cheaper sometimes)

argons are recommended [email protected], magni 3 is around the same as 3+ which gives 1.6W @ 50ohms

I’d prefer if I don’t need an additional amp.
If you tell me now, that I can forget the planar idea with the Motu M2, then it’s okay.

I just have my doubts about power requirements sometimes lol.

Anyways: planars with tight & punchy bass <500 was the thing^^
Can someone compare the Sundara with M1060C?

Bruh… all headphones you listed are $800 or over, not exactly what I would call entry level. Also saying the HE400i are not good does not do justice to the headphones or any headphones in the <$300, not to mention the whole diminishing returns argument.
Now, I wouldn’t recommend the HE400i to someone who is looking at a $500 budget, but other than that I have a hard time agreeing with you :stuck_out_tongue:.

If it is within your budget, I wouldn’t go HE400i. I have them and I really like them, but I got them because I wanted multiple headphones and didn’t want to spend over $200 on the planars. From what I’ve heard the Sundara are a significant step up.

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Sundara is more neutral I am wearing them now, the bass comes but you need power and volume lol… planars are usually “inefficient” by design despite OHM rating, unless someone correct me you will basically need or WANT an amp for all these headsets to wake them up… Sorry I know the feel but you will enjoy your amp trust me, you can possibly get a good mobile one for DJing but if it’s that big of a deal you will likely be stuck with the more efficient pair by not getting an amp which won’t necessarily be the lowest OHM rating and still won’t give you 100%.

I just noticed we have been going back and forth for a while now in multiple threads, so let me give you my final rundown and let that be that :stuck_out_tongue:
Sundara’s - more neutral, amazing for MAKING music and critical listening to what you make - possibly best headphone period under $500 all said
Argons- BASS and soundstage experience, sundaras feel like wearing good headphones then argons feel like speakers from soundstage (i’m guessing don’t take just my word on that) one of the undisputed best headphones under $500
M1060- get the M1060C and open back mod it, a beast of a headphone and like the argons not neutral but probably not as crazy, soundstage not as wide but tight, heavy hitting, just great great bass, for bass possibly the best of the 3 but overall honorable mention top $500 at best depending who you ask

good luck my friend, no matter what you get you are on the right trail, good audio doesn’t have to be expensive

Would be interesting to know if they are a “significant step up” in terms of bass aswell.

Thanks you! I would probably keep them closed if that translates into a little bit more punch.
I was intrigued by the comparison with the LCD-2C, but wasn’t sure.

I do keep the Argons in mind, since these are the best looking headphones… ever…
Already know that those require alot of power tho.

The M1060C are supposed to be relatively efficient planars,
so maybe this could work out with the Motu M2 and even DDJ-1000.
It’s almost impossible to find headphone out specs for that controller, which is why I didn’t include
AMP specs in OP.

no Sundara’s are a completely different sound, bass is lowered, i know I said it’s the last post but here is a good one M1060C modded open back vs sundara

hate to pry but if you could post a little about your aversion to getting an amp maybe someone here could persuade or use it as a note for others recommendations so they understand and can give you what you need a bit better.

I think my first intention was to just have some recommendations like M1060C, Argons, “other” and then figure out amping for myself and go from there.
I’m aware of power requirements & that having a little headroom would not be a bad idea.
Just didn’t want to make it more complicated.

Thanks for the video. Will check it out.

IMO the best way for me to describe it is like a move theater (I guess they are all different too)

With the Sundaras the bass isn’t there until you absolutely need it, but when you need it it comes

all this hedges on an amp though, they need power no amp + you want bass = no way IMHO

IMHO planars + bass you need some kind of magic or juice

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Yeah, if no1 jumps in and says: “you should definitely try THESE instead of the M1060C”, I’ll just buy them & see if I can make it work. Not gonna annoy you peeps forever lol.

Who knows, maybe they sound great for me on my setup already.
Alot of reviews consider them very efficient.

I totally hear you, I was probably the dumbest of the bunch I got 600ohm headphones without and amp and really really didn’t want to get one… it seems backwards and I feel like I am beating a dead horse (that I kinda liked) but IMHO get the most powerful/decently reviewed ~$100 AMP or portable one FIRST and then get the headphones… There is no other way around it for 95%-99% of the people here unless I am dead wrong about even one of these headphones (I am not, I am just cautious) at first it seems like a BS extra cost, but moving that much air with that much quality… I mean you need power man, you wouldn’t expect to run big speakers from just an aux right?

From my view you have 2 -3 good choices and you will be happy no matter what picking just about anything listed here even sundara’s the only way i see you having a bad time is staying without an AMP and I am 100% sure when you get one there will be no going back!

Anyway I have overstayed my welcome, thanks for listening to my persistent ass, i’m gunna fuck off now!
Cheers :slight_smile:

Are you familiar with the Motu M2?

nope and apparently I am full of shit

just buy and try, if you can’t max out with room THEN get an AMP

I still recommend a dedicated AMP NGL but you apparently probably don’t need it

Haha… I got the Motu M2 coz it has an exceptional headphone out - considering it’s an interface.
That’s why I asked. But planars are not dynamic drivers… think i’ll just try.

yeah but voltage is voltage, it’s apparently not a dac or an amp???
so idk wtf is going on but volume knobs on amps are logarithmic so 40% knob left over on an amp means well over 50% power capacity

??? who knows

Not sure about the quality of the bass, but going from the frequency response graph the Sundara’s have less bass than the HE400i’s. I find mine have very nice bass, but I’m coming from a DT-880 so probably not the right person to ask.

That’s a nice description actually, I kinda recognize that with the he400i as well. The bass is invisible and then sometimes, in some songs, you’re like: oh damn there it is and it’s nice