🔶 PULA (audio) PA02

Pa02 looks with better extension… Will get my unit in a few days. :metal::metal:


Enjoy as I am sure you will. Cheers :beers:

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Exactly. i have one coming in the mail and reading this thread makes me have buyers remorse…its not a cheap set either…

Welcome to the forum boys! Or girls😅

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Where did this Pula brand come from? I never heard of it, and then all of a sudden I see it hyped here and every other site I read.

The specs on the 02 just sound like a basic budget IEM with off-brand balanced armatures. The shells look really cool though. Just seems strange it’s everywhere I look all of a sudden. Does Pula have their own website or is there any background info on them somewhere?

Finally got mine. I’m new in the hobby, c

oming from Aful P5 and Artti R1 seems like an upgrade for me.


Great combo GreenMood Cable and MD Dongle!

Welcome to the madness😅

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Damn, that is one sweeeeeet cable

Seller not known to me but maybe of interest to anyone in the UK?..

oh he is not a rando on HF, so should be fine.

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Yeah Ian91 is a decent dude - can be trusted 100%. We have transacted before and he contributed to making the bud matrix sound ranking thing


Any further impressions on the TSMR X? Don’t wanna derail things here, hit us up: 🐛 Tansio Mirai Discussion and Impressions

Shit brand
Cracked shell without suffering any impact


oof I feel bad for everyone who bought in. These QC issues are rough


I should have returned my unit while there was still time, now I have to deal with this and take the loss if it opens in two.

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try to write to the manufacturer, an obvious defect

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My unit arrived full of problems, cable interference, the cable recesses are misaligned, one side with a scratch, now the shell is cracked

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These are definitely not worth even 100 dollars, poor sound and qc. Every time I remember that I bought this because a certain someone said it could cost 400 dollars. I feel like punching the wall.


Got my unit a few days ago… Wow… AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME… No QC problem. I’m more than 7 years in the hobby and can recommend this iem. if you get a good set of course. Sorry for the friends with QC problem, just talk to the seller and make sure they send you a real good set. :metal: