🔶 PULA (audio) PA02

Answers that question.
Boths sets I now use a dac to output to IEM , Same Cable , Same foam tips.

On Paper this latest batch of CKLVX D41 measures nicer.

They are the same IEM.
Better cable on Meyer-Audio CKLVX

Kinda of a toss up depending on what faceplate you like the most


Well they messaged me saying they’d pay me back for the postage if I send it back, planning to do it and see if I can change the right shell to another color.

For people who sent their units back, does this look right for a USPS label?

Contact:Zhu Meixia
Address: 902, building 8, jinguiyuan
Address 2?: New century garden, Shijie Town
City: Dongguan
Province: Guangdong, China

Make sure you put a value less than $10 or it will get flagged from China Import and the duties will be so high for them they will never pick it up. Speaking from experience here.

I am sure they told you that already I hope.

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Yep planning on going like 4.33 after all it’s broken anyways

I did 10 bucks on my Mext since they said under 100usd on that, I can’t celebrate yet since they haven’t received it, shits making me nervous lol

Sent mine and forgot all the shenanigans about 4.33, just ended up putting 5 bucks on there. Fingers crossed they can do the new vent thingy on my light blue shells and obviously the connectors hopefully being great.

Gave em a listen before shippin em, absolutely great set that I might sell anyways to fund a Cadenza 4

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New release incoming 1+4+2 looking great.


hopefully close to Cadenza’s price so I can skip that one lol

2 Sonion EST are not cheap my contact’s guestimate is $500

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Welp gonna pass up on it until I hear the Elysian Pilgrim first