Rant thread - share your grievances, not just audio

There’s a gear fetish involved in Audiophilia, and I don’t think the ladies (in general) love the gear as much as guys do.

Think power tools.


Once you get a women to appreciate the details other will follow. How to make that jump happen… no clue. Key thing is making sure environments aren’t scary or toxic for starters.

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So…send all the ladies to SBAF for advice?


Yeah… before this line of thought goes any further I think it’s time for a change subject.

Biggest grievance right now is the lack of Linux streaming options in HD.

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I think you can build your own Linux-based streamer, no?

See General linux thread

I searched on Spotify for Cello & Drums and a get a hit. I open the album and click play and I’m blasted with accordion. WTH? after there was some cello and some drum, but still accordion. I don’t mind accordion, but it totally ruined the anticipation. <_<

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Listening to my Helios lately and its low impendance. So i listen to my other headphones, forget the volume is set to high, and blast out my ears when i switch to the Helios. Wish there was a solution for that. My memory is just crap

there is…make it an action to turn the volume down / off every time you take your headphones off. that way it will become reflex / muscle memory and you’ll save yourself. :smiley:


Anyone who owns a DAP with a volume knob has learned this lesson

After getting some headphones I’ve been lusting after, I find myself discovering someone stole my identity. I now have a surprise $5k payment to make.

:-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: that absolutely sucks

My dumb ass decided to stay up till 4 in the morning after work to join my friends in a socially distanced fire. And my gardener of a mom decided it was a good time to hose the windows down at 8 in the morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep not I’m running on about 4 hours of sleep and a monster and have about an hour left or this shift and a 30 minute drive . I just want to go into my cold air-conditioned room curl up and just pass out


Fuckin love how I can get better and faster responses here on an audio forum then I can on a tech forum like the LTT forum regarding things like computers and shit.


That strongly depends on the question, community and time of day.

My experience on LTT has been meh aswell.
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I can post the exact same thing on here and on LTT at the same time, and I will actually get responses here. There, no one touches it.

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LTT is a wonder of a forum. I hang oiut there too much also the peripherls part of the forum including audio is a bit of a shit show that I kinda participate in

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Never buying from Linsoul again. Ordered Aune X8. One week later, hasn’t shipped. Requested cancellation because I ended up being happy with the Topping E30. They said no because, “your order is already in production.” One week later, I get an email saying they’ve received my product and they’re gonna test it out and that it’ll take another week. TWO WEEKS LATER, zero word from them about my order. Sent them an email about lack of communication on my order status. They tell me sorry for the wait, they’ll ship it out in a week. Finally decide to check return policy, something I should’ve done before I ordered… 35% restocking fee!? That’s excluding return shipping costs! What in the goddamn? Something tells me they don’t even have the product and they refuse to give me a refund. Absolute trash.

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I have a rant with laptops. If you don’t want one that’s a shitty filmsy plastic shell and turns into a hotbox after 2h of work, you need to pay out of your ass for “Business” laptops like Thinkpads or Latitudes.

But what’s the problem with that? You pay more for better quality, right?


No 2k/4k options, brightness is shit, no high refresh rates, contrast is crap, and no touchscreen options unless you buy some retarded yoga tablet version.

People say Apple is expensive, have they seen how much a Thinkpad T series is, and it comes with a shit FHD screen?

Yeah their customer service is dog shit to put it nicely.