Rant thread - share your grievances, not just audio

After getting some headphones I’ve been lusting after, I find myself discovering someone stole my identity. I now have a surprise $5k payment to make.

:-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: that absolutely sucks

My dumb ass decided to stay up till 4 in the morning after work to join my friends in a socially distanced fire. And my gardener of a mom decided it was a good time to hose the windows down at 8 in the morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep not I’m running on about 4 hours of sleep and a monster and have about an hour left or this shift and a 30 minute drive . I just want to go into my cold air-conditioned room curl up and just pass out


Fuckin love how I can get better and faster responses here on an audio forum then I can on a tech forum like the LTT forum regarding things like computers and shit.


That strongly depends on the question, community and time of day.

My experience on LTT has been meh aswell.
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I can post the exact same thing on here and on LTT at the same time, and I will actually get responses here. There, no one touches it.

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LTT is a wonder of a forum. I hang oiut there too much also the peripherls part of the forum including audio is a bit of a shit show that I kinda participate in

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Never buying from Linsoul again. Ordered Aune X8. One week later, hasn’t shipped. Requested cancellation because I ended up being happy with the Topping E30. They said no because, “your order is already in production.” One week later, I get an email saying they’ve received my product and they’re gonna test it out and that it’ll take another week. TWO WEEKS LATER, zero word from them about my order. Sent them an email about lack of communication on my order status. They tell me sorry for the wait, they’ll ship it out in a week. Finally decide to check return policy, something I should’ve done before I ordered… 35% restocking fee!? That’s excluding return shipping costs! What in the goddamn? Something tells me they don’t even have the product and they refuse to give me a refund. Absolute trash.

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I have a rant with laptops. If you don’t want one that’s a shitty filmsy plastic shell and turns into a hotbox after 2h of work, you need to pay out of your ass for “Business” laptops like Thinkpads or Latitudes.

But what’s the problem with that? You pay more for better quality, right?


No 2k/4k options, brightness is shit, no high refresh rates, contrast is crap, and no touchscreen options unless you buy some retarded yoga tablet version.

People say Apple is expensive, have they seen how much a Thinkpad T series is, and it comes with a shit FHD screen?

Yeah their customer service is dog shit to put it nicely.

Yeah noticed that when I was shopping around honestly if your looking for a laptop that doesn’t turn into a hotbox while working on general use stuff gaming laptops are great the screens a good high refresh rate ips screens and cooling is great cause the heatsink are designed to cool them for a full gaming load so in your just on word or CAD or inventor it’s pretty great. It’s a competitive space so pricing is pretty good as well only downside is generally weight and aesthetics.the laptop I found a good deal on is great build good cooling under load such as word power point and autocad, and was relatively cheap comes with a fhd ips screen though i7 but was only $600

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The aesthetics are getting better to be honest. My problem at this point is that competition between team red and team blue is that team red doesn’t have much out in the field. Yes, they are there, and this current generation has made a big step forward, but there really isn’t much in comparison, leaving Intel plenty of room to do what they please for the most part.

I’m afraid rona slowed their mometum that was building up down. But give them a bit and the floodgates will open. Cause Intel really struggling these days to keep up and their higher ups don’t seem to realize all they need to let their engineering team have like a year or 2 to just stop and take an L so they can make a whole new platform. As Linus covered in one of his past few videos on Intel’s engineering team is they overall have the better team in making a reliable as fuck product AMD just out here fucking them up cause of the new platform they developed and awesome pricing


The thing with gaming laptops is that you still get a flimsy plastic shell, even if the cooling and screen is
good. And portability is out the window, the power brick alone is huge.

A friend asked if I could swap the keyboard on his Asus ROG after a soda spill, the damn thing was “soldered” to the top case. Like the inside case had little plastic nipples melted through the keyboard to hold it in place. That’s some next level asshole design from Asus.

Thinkpads have spill protection, good cooling, they can handle a drop, you can swap a keyboard easily, a lot of good stuff for a working machine.

I like thinkpads, it’s just the screens man… they’re so bad.

And don’t get me started with touchpads.


screens on the ThinkPads are getting better…but not on the lower spec’d models, only the high end.

that said, there’s no real use to having a 2K or 4K screen on a panel that small…you have to scale everything and almost no software scales well.

laptops like the razer blade, higher end MSI stealth line and the Asus ROG striz laptops have a nice solid aluminum chassis. but yeha I aggree here these laptops can be heavy adn if they take a drop you have to deal with a dent. I wonder how easy it is to swap the screen with a better one on a thinkbook

anything good, you have to pay for. simple as that, LoL!

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Well there are few like ThinkPad X1 Extreme. Nice specs and all.
Power supply ain’t that big, 4k screen with nvidia 4gb gpu and weight is “nothing” vs performance size. Only needs money.
Not really gaming laptop but nice laptop anyways.

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yes…the good X1 Extreme G2’s are about $3K CAD. granted…the top end processor isn’t worth the big increase in price. difference is like 100 or 200mhz in boost.

I have insider knowledge as my employer is a premier partner for Lenovo and we’re a service centre for their Think business products. :slight_smile:

oof for that price and extreme kinda dissapointing but is a thinkpad so I guess its not too bad.