Rant thread - share your grievances, not just audio

That specific desire for flagship is mostly the equivalent of ape brain wanting people to think you have the cool stuff… i probably will get a decent dap like hiby R3 which can use the phone as a remote and for Bluetooth, and then keep a mid priced phone that’s worth it (hence why wanting to get a pixel)… the issue with hp jack’s is I dunno if I would use it since it won’t sound as good as my lg

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I have NO desire to buy a new phone. Overpriced crap that doesn’t even offer what my current V40 does. And that is pathetic. At this point if when the time comes I may just go with a damned flip phone! Whatever the cheapest basic phone is. Then, like @K4sh1ma said, I may get a DAP. Or I might finally take the leap and get a streamer for the house.

But yeah, these so-called “Flagship” phones are anything but. They can keep them.

At that point just buy a cheap LG or Moto phone, the cameras are better, and the rest is a wash. The worst and most expensive phone I have ever owned is a Samsung, and I won’t buy another.

Ehh, I use mine for work, and there are features that are genuinely nice to have. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had a headphone jack and expandable storage, but I’ve got enough built in that I’m not sure I would need it. Right now I’m using 109GB of 256GB. I’ve had to use the 20x zoom enough to make the feature necessary for my use and it’s clear enough taking pictures of small text that I can make out what it says. Usually I have to use this when I need to know what the serial number of a tracking unit installed on the top corner of a semi trailer and don’t have a way of looking it up. So I have to pull up perpendicular to the front of the trailer, climb up onto my toolbox, hold the phone up and zoom in as close as I can. My other option is zip tying the damn thing to the end of a pole, starting to record, and hold it up, hoping I get the number in view, and pray shit doesn’t go south.

Sadly, LG’s phone division is dead, so whatever you buy effectively has no manufacturer warranty. Moto phones aren’t bad on the budget end, but they aren’t great either.

Ehhhhhhh… Define better. If you mean on paper, maybe. On a software standpoint? Might be another story, may not be. Alot of it can be in the user, not the device. You can hand a phone that’s perfectly capable into the hands of someone terrible at taking pictures and get garbage photos compared to someone very competent with a phone with a meh camera.

That sounds like my father. He always gets the bad one whenever he gets a Samsung. We all have that brand we have terrible luck with.

sadly that also means basically no updates… meaning if the software is too far you’re dead (not even close to android 14 like i think its on android 9 or 10)

hence why i keep thinking of an upgrade

is it bad that my entire flac library on my laptop would eat up 166 gigs on its own… then add on the better games, netflix offlining, and who knows maybe I’ll finally read these hoarded ebooks aaand now i legit am wondering about a 400 gigs SD card already…

hence why my major hunch is a dap that can connect to a phone because most of the good phones with what i need (quality software, good screen, decent battery, fuck notches) probably either have a much worse headphone jack than my current LG, or none at all and even abandoning the storage

I don’t expect a camera to offset a bad photographer. I take a fair amount of photos, but am not great, and I got better shots from the 2014 Moto X than the the 2021 Samsun S20. And I mean consistently better photographs, in all conditions, and that was in era were the software options for Android cameras were pretty limited.

The Pixel camera problem has been ongoing for four generations of that phone. They keep adding lenses, and other tech, but the newer cameras aren’t really any better. They can take an acceptable picture when an untrained monkey is handed the phone, but that really shouldn’t be the goal at this point.

Three different people in my family have owned Samsung phones in the last three years, there were all crap. For added bonus, not one of them had acceptable battery life by the 12 month mark. I am just going to say that newer Samsung phones are crap, end of story. Also don’t pester me about changes to terms of service more than once a week, FFS Samsung pick the scam of the month, and stick with it. I have never seen a phone maker other than Apple do this before in the first place.

I have worked as a mobile developer, and have historically hated iOS, but if Android makers don’t get their shit together and soon, they are going to get creamed by Apple. None of the Android devices work long enough to justify the flagship price points. The ability to add memory was one of the last things left that made them better than iOS devices.

Guys I think it’s about time you started a Phone thread as this shit is :sleeping: plus seeing as it’s a Rant threat not many CAPS LOCKED? :+1:


Fucking FedEx again… They try their best to delay shipping, and still damage the product.

Cypress and Missouri City, Texas are both just outside of Houston.



Thank god fedex is not established in this part of the world. But we have awful hermes, they are only slow not retarded.


I am in the same boat when it comes to shipping right now, and apparently the one I ordered in a way is still up for clearance in the customs, while the other stuff that I ordered much later than the one that is still in the customs somehow, is out for delivery today.

Sometimes, you just cannot trust the estimated delivery dates they have stated, well if all else fails, I might as well do a refund.


I am not even mad anymore, I am just disappointed right now. I cannot damn walk right, for I injured my right heel due to my awkward landing from yesterday playing pickup ball. The pain is real and I cannot fully use my whole right foot due to my right heel being in pain when I do so.

If this one does not get any better, I might as well get an X-Ray on it, just to be sure if there are any fractures or not, and I just want to quickly recover for I do have the tendency to feel a bit of guilt if I missed a lot of time working out.

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Damm… My daily driver cars speakers broke down. :fearful:
Did not think or even plan any audio upgrades for it. Cause its really just a daily.
Work related road trip in just few days… hopefully i can get new ones this week?


Pretty sure my damn bryston kicked the bucket… thats an absolute warranty claim. Plugging it in causes half volume and slight crackle, no issues with other amps, and now its just gone and it started having a burning smell so I quickly unplugged it. Course I get a lemon… whatever, I have zero intent to get rid of this amp…now if I can just stop getting bad products? holy hell I have bad luck

You know that shit Focal does with their Headphones? You know, specially with Elex.
They made the voice coil cable stiff and hair thin so it might break…
Well… well…well i’ll be damned!! They did that same shit with some car speakers!!!

G’damm Focal you shit muppets…
You might wonder how i know this and why being “bit” pissed now.
Well the car speaker, tweeter has a small crossover on the other cable… it’s “stiff” and not soft or normal cable.
So they soldered the hair thin crossover “pin (cable)” directly to the terminal… to save like 0.3 inches of actual cable. The f-king door opening cable is super tight fit with the tweeter cable. I had to twist it maybe like 90 degrees… before popping the door panel back. Oh look the tweeter is out…
Only to find the fucking stiff crossover cable was broken… probably cause of the twist i had to do.
Same shit like the Elex when the voice coil connection fails…

Maybe tomorrow ill try to fix it… stiff… hair thin pin (cable) to very very small terminal… fuck me and fuck you Focal!


Normally, I’m a fan of Rain-X for wiper fluid and automotive glass cleaner. I’m also a fan of ceramic coating given the benefits… This shit pisses me the duck off though.

Practically guaranteed you’re going to have over spray, and you’re gonna have to deal with that, or have a cloudy window. You know, just what you where just trying to get rid of. And you’ve got a decent chance it may still streak. God damn it, Rain-X, why the fuck is this your shit product?

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20/10 is way better. Shit is a miracle.

I need them to make a product called Dust-X … We don’t get enough rain here, but we get a lot of dust living in the desert north of LA.

I use detailer to final wipe my cars and glasses, it kinda has the same effect. Not as good as a watercoat product but still. Everytime i wash the car, wipe everything with detailer.
Dont even remember when i have used wipers…in rain?
Never on my summer/weekend warrior, very first time after 1year of ownership at mandatory Inspection.
Maybe during winter time on my daily but not in rain.
While driving near “cityspeeds” (~30mph) in rain good detailer products have some water repellency so water moves away from glass. No need for wiper use.
True coating products does it better but since the final wipe always happens? It’s near the area of why… do i need to use coating products or just detailer wipe anyway?
Have both and summer car is has glass coating but also detailer it after wash.

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Back on Sunday this week, despite our family having one of the most spectacular once in a lifetime moments, especially for my aunt who recently just got married this week and celebrating her wedding at her reception during that date; I am happy for her overall, along with the other people who are closed with her and had been there for her for a long time.

But behind those cheery and joyous appreciation that I provide to her as a support along with her groom, who is now my uncle-in-law, is the looming dread, disappointment and frustration that I had to deal with myself internally, for such a simple move of keeping my phone all times with me, fucking gone! Due to my nincampooping asinining idiotic and fucking stupidity of me of not just putting it inside of my bag before the wedding ceremony and thought that I can get it back again in our room for I was charging it and I cannot leave with a dead phone, not realizing after the damn reception we will check out after going to the church for her wedding and I could’ve had just took the phone and charge it at the reception.

So yeah, it’s overall bittersweet and therefore all of the music I have downloaded, all of the apps I have used, all of the games that I have made a lot of progression with (I have binded the codes for those games but unfortunately the fucking codes are in the phone, not making a backup of it in my PC.), and all of the fan arts that are both wholesome and cultured that I have saved up a lot? Just fucking gone. It’s not a flagship phone but it’s still a phone that I used regardless, because it has a fucking headphone jack. Now I am dreading for a possible replacement, I wouldn’t mind of course, but it’s going to be a damn pain in the ass to find a replacement with a headphone jack and if not? fuck it! might as well join them reluctantly for I need it for familiy communications and learn to get used to the stupid fucking dongle just to listen with a wired IEM/Headphones.

Whoever had the idea to remove the headphone jack in the first place, Go fuck yourself! You’ve made it hard for everyone to find a new phone with a goddamned jack! It’s NOT fucking outdated if everyone is still/wants to use it you plonking gobshite!


I feel for ya, but in terms of the headphone jack part its not as bad as you might think, a decent solution with stuff like FIIO BTR / IFI Blue / Qudelix-5K, ya its spending another 100$ but you get more power in case you have something hard to drive / you dont want a cable dangling off your phone.

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