Recommended IEM Cables

What Cables do you personally rec?..This could be down to good Value, Comfy, No microphonic’s, Lightweight, Versatile, Have Improved the sound quality or it’s just a pimp, dope cable?

You can blame @PapaEmeritus for this thread lol…

My cable award cable goes to Forza for their Silver, Copper Hybrid series IEM Cable which ticks most of the above requirements IMHO.


Is it this one? Yours seem darker than the images on the site.

Yep that’s the one but with the Semi-Transparent Black Insulation…Just thought it would look better with the Andro’s…


Yeah the black tint really makes a big difference. Looks great

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Versatility…a cheaper Dunu Quick-Switch cable, other plugs available separately :+1:

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Faaeal Litz copper cable measures really low, well built and cheap:

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Fiio LC-RC

Dunu Hulk

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I have the Dunu DW02 and Hulk, plus the Forza copper. Of the 3 I like the DW02 the most, great ergonomics and really soft. I always remove the tubing around the ears, I hate it.

I’ve started making my own though, got some new wire and connectors arriving tomorrow - enough for 10 cables or so :smile:
I enjoy making them loads. Can make them exactly how I want without the silly molded tubing :sunglasses:


For a budget silver cable, I very much recommend the TRN T3. I have 3 cables so far, and really like them. This is one of the AE sellers.


I wanted to try the TRIPOWIN cables from Linsoul, they might be a good fit for my Tin Audio T2s. But I heard the FAAEAL cable as well is also damn good for the price, and I think you deserve such cables after discovering literal gold like the BLON BL-03s, good IEMs but with shitty ear tips and cable, replacement of those with both better ones will turn that gold into diamonds.


Although I currently don’t have any particular recommendations, I do have a cable I would not recommend. It’s the premium cable from 64 audio. It’s overly stiff and even when I remove the tubing, the stiffness makes it extremely annoying to hook around my ears. Definitely would not recommend

It’s a nice cable, I’ve got one 2.5 2 pin balanced, the only problem is that they don’t make 4.4 balanced, at least I haven’t seen one.

64A generally have terrible cables. Ergonomics on them are some of the worst I’ve experienced. They seem to be trying to correct it, the Nio was released with a limited silver cable but we’ll see if it become the standard for them.

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My order arrived! I personally buy cables for the aesthetics and comfort, and these are very supple, manageable, and imo looks great.


yup these look good, high quality connectors/divider, measures very low and is super cheap in comparison to other cables.

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That cable looks really nice! Congrats!

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To me the best cable you can have is the Tripowin C8. 30 dollars and good enough for 99 percent of people.

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Agreed…but I love a good cable discussion and I appreciate a well made custom cable lol.

You have various schools of though on the subject…

A :- A cable’s just a cables end of
B :- Cables make a audible difference worth paying :dollar: for
C :- That Cable is art and looks dope on my set
D :- What’s a cable? my set’s wireless


In my humble and not very experienced opinion a bad cable might affect the sound yes, but I think that for 15, 20 bucks you’ll get a good cable for the majority of people (low impedance and good conductivity). I don’t think that over 90 percent of people can really hear a difference (blind test).

Having said that I agree that a modular cable with multiple connections is very convenient, nevertheless paying more than 70 or 80 €/$ is purely a personal decision and doesn’t really change the sound for better. (Again imo).

In fact I seriously doubt that most people can tell apart a well recorded 320 kbps MP3 from a 16/ 44 Flac.

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