Recommended IEM Cables

Those are my day to day cable for most of my IEMs. I’m kinda bored of them. They are a workhorse!

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lol you’re dead on Ohmboy. I think it boils down to how into people are into the hobby. Let’s face it…

Most people just care about getting music into their skulls the cheapest way possible and they probably aren’t even willing to pay for anything that doesn’t come with their cellphone.

Then you have people that are interested in upgrading their listening experience, but aren’t willing to spend X amount of money to get there. These people will probably never even consider purchasing different tips or an upgraded cable for their IEM.

Next level are people like us that are enthusiasts who are always interested in the next best thing, improving the fit and sound of their IEMs by trying new tips, upgrading cables, sources, DACs & AMPs.

Finally… There is M0N.


But that, is the million dollar question. Do upgrade cables really upgrade the sound? IMO from a minimum quality (again something like the Tripowin C8) It doesn’t.

Hey look! I bought this cable: it doesn’t tangle, connectors are well made and practical and looks awesome. It’s expensive but I don’t care it’s my money… This I understand and respect.

Hey look! With this cable you’ll get better soundstage and imaging… Yeah … I don’t think so.


“Upgrade”?..Change the sound…


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lol! If you have a balanced source and can use balanced cables, you’ll probably see the biggest improvement from going balanced.

I really don’t know if the cable quality actually changes the sound much if at all. Maybe my ears aren’t good enough to be able to hear the difference.

I general don’t use balanced, I do have that option but I’ve found a well designed dedicated SE Dac/Amp is just as good for IEM’s…Even the mighty Hugo2 is only SE one of the most revered IEM sources? iFi Micro SE sounds better than the Nano balanced imho.

Balanced cables do absolutely nothing to the sound, it’s the amp. In fact balanced cables don’t exist, they’re only regular cables with a balanced complying connection.

I guess I have lots to learn then. I just put a balanced cable on my FH3 and could swear I could hear more impact and wider sound stage & imaging. M0N and Rikudou_Goku seemed to agree the improvement was due to balanced and not the actual cable quality.

Differing opinions on the advantages of balanced. Interested to discuss this more.

One thing you need to be aware of when doing A/B balanced SE swops (depending on source) is volume matching…this can make a big difference that’s something I learnt by trial and error :+1:


Then there is also the differences between 2 different sound signatures.

If one iem is say L-shaped and the other V-shaped. You will most likely try to “compensate” for the recessed mids by increasing the volume on the V-shaped iem. While you might reduce the volume if the V-shaped iem is too sharp on some songs.

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Regarding this, the improvements from going balanced are only something realized if you are coming off a single ended out of a balanced amp. If your amp is truly single ended, that can sound just as good. If your amp is balanced, do use it balanced since typically it would sound better than the single ended out of that balanced amp. But if your amp is not balanced, don’t worry about it. Balanced does not equal better sound quality, it’s a design choice, single ended can be just as good if not better

Also yes cables can make a difference and can be a useful way to tune the iem to your liking. The question of is it worthwhile to pursue depends on the quality and pickiness of your iem, your source gear, and your tolerance for change. A new cable isn’t going to transform your iems sound, but it can make a noticable impact in some situations again depending on the circumstances. I would only suggest going for high end cables when your iems are close if not totl level, or you are completely satisfied with them even after trying higher end iems, and your source gear is up to snuff, then it makes sense to experiment with cables for a sonic goal. Otherwise just buy quality cables for the feeling, functionality/versatility, and looks


You get more than double the output power if you use the balanced output. That is the biggest difference.

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Ha ha. You lost me. So balanced doesn’t matter as long as the single ended output is good from the amp. But if the single ended is bad and the balanced is better, balanced is better? Sigh.

I need balanced with my headphones. I guess I don’t need balanced with IEMs because I’m usually below half volume anyway?

Thats not really what matters.

I can use my Tin Hifi P1 with my LG G7 at like 80% volume. But it sounds like shit on that setup.

If you have a balanced amp, typically the designer of the amp will focus on making the balanced the best part, and the single ended quality will suffer or be an afterthought. So basically the single ended output of most balanced amps are afterthoughts and the most performance comes from using that balanced. The fiio q5 will be higher preforming out of its balanced out, and not as high preforming out of its single ended

If you have a single ended amp, let’s say like a Hugo 2, you don’t have to worry about balanced, because the designer put everything into the single ended out, so there is no worry about that it’s single ended


Thank you! That’s where I’ve really noticed a big difference. Makes a lot of sense. I think I’ve got it now. It really depends on how the amp is designed.


This 100% a pure Silver cable v’s a Silver Copper Hybrid with the Andro’s does change the sound, I reckon any of you guys could tell the difference double blind…which one you preferred would be personal.