Recommended IEM Cables

You’re absolutely right. I’ve been looking through the list and reading the notes and what not and it can get overwhelming for sure. Cable A3, A22 and A25 look really nice. I’m thinking one of those will be the one I order. I suppose I’m just so sold on modular at this point.

I have cable A3 (FAAEAL Earphone Cable 4 Core High Purity Copper 5N OFC). It is nice and thick, but not as ropey as I would like.

This has got me looking at cables and the item 1005004270119592 ivipQ 8 Core Litz High-Purity 7N OCC is gorgeous to me, adding it to the want/watch list.


Yep, I do. Xinhs graphene 4-core is my favourite cable (think I have 5 or 6 in a mix of 2.5mm and 4.4mm), so thought I’d try the modular version. The modular system works well - connection is v. secure, feels robust and doesn’t add too much to the length of the jack hardware either. Use it on my Serials so I can swap between M3X and R3 Pro. Anything in particular you want to know?


@saltire Nothing in particular, man, thank you! Nice to know someone has tried it out.

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It sure does look damn beautiful though … Still got some time to decide which one or two I go with. Potentially going to replace the Tripowin jelly I got on the Timeless, I’ve been using them a lot more than I thought I would lately.

The Tripowin Jelly feels nice, not too heavy, not too light, bends and rolls nice; a step up from the Tripowin Zonie.

Silly me, I bought the relatively cheap ivipQ 2-Core Single Crystal Copper Silver Plated - Blue. I don’t know what to expect judging from the image, because it looks like 4-core? I am not a fan of bead type cable cinches, but we will see what comes in the mail.

A smidgen thicker than what came with the Olina/Mele, the blue color is good.


I just totally deleted my last comment because I didn’t see how much you added afterwards lol but yeah the jelly cable can be quite nice. I do enjoy the way it behaves, but it isn’t my favorite looking cable. I’m becoming something of a diva with my cables for whatever reason lol

I think that looks pretty sharp, man. I really would like to try a cable with somewhat thicker ear hooks, could be nice and comfortable for a heavier set like the monarch’s. I hope you dig that new blue cable, my man!

Also, silly things like this make me laugh on Ali.

$0.01 …. Literally :joy:

$0.01: They get you with the shipping.

Well it was either that or the other blue cable. I don’t know why blue coated SPC is cheaper today, I would prefer ordinary copper.

ivipQ 16 Core Silver Plated Cable Earphone Cable (qualifies for $5 off $20)


Yeah, absolutely. Funny my wife said the same thing :joy:

I definitely am leaning to ordinary copper, no extra coloring. Black has always caught my eye, but I think as I mature with the hobby, those pure copper cables with the translucent sleeve just get me. I too wonder why the blue ones are cheaper?

That 2 core looking thiccccc I dig it.

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I ordered this because it was in a discount, curious about Xinhs, to see on what some claimed about them is true and I need it for my Kato. I must say, it’s a great cable and I might get one again for my T3 Plus.


Does anyone have any PWaudio cables (like no.10) and compared them with Xinhs graphene?

I can buy very cheaply no.10 with QDC connectors I need, but I am afraid it is too thick. I generally prefer very soft, light cables and thin cables (or if they need to be thick then at least with multiple cores as they tend to be softer)

Pulled the trigger on a few cables, my first order on Ali! I can get a taste of 1 month shipping now :melting_face:

One copper, one copper + silver and one graphene. I really just wanted to compare the difference in the cables to finally get a sense of all of them together. Plus I got some W01 tips per @nymz back on his thread. Looking forward to them arriving for sure!


The W01 and the A07 BGVP tips are great.

The 2 Core SPC looks Thicc and comfy (5N LITZ OCC silver-plated coaxial cable). I can’t wait for a side by side with it and your other purchases.

4 CORE Alloy copper upgrade. Keep your eyes peeled for a good deal on some OCC (6N, 7N Single Crystal Copper, Etc).

The Graphene Cable looks sharp. I am already a fan of ivipQ because of the 8 Core OFC SPC deal they had a while ago (RG Cable A33).

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Those custom L connectors are a bit larger and heavier than I’d like. I went with XINHS and will see how it goes.

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The 2 core SPC absolutely sold me as soon as I saw those thick ear hooks. I can’t wait to see how it feels with a larger shell like the Monarch’s. IvipQ seems super promising, their cables look fantastic, I can’t wait to do some swapping with them. That gray ivipQ is for my Timeless and I’m so happy to finally grab a cable that matches the set.

I’ll definitely throw some pics and overviews on here once I get them. Hopefully before the June 7th expected date but we’ll just have to be Patient :joy:


The bottom cable would fit well with my Katos, if the Katos that I got back then were the Matte-Steel variant instead of the Mirror-Silver for I originally ordered the Matte-Steel version but it was out-of-stock, so had to settle with the Mirror-Silver. Xinhs so far is very good for me and no stiffness happening yet and I hope it lasts that long since I do live in a country where it can get humid and hot which sucks.

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2 of my Cables came in. Man are they pretty. The 2 core SPC feels …. Incredible. So well made. The pure copper is incredibly light but still very well made. Came with a nice sky blue XINHS case. Going to dive in now.


Not really an in ear kinda guy but man, some of these cables are absolute fire!