Rumors and new releases thread

The headphones looks really good. If it is tuned well plus priced well then this can be market disruptor.

The new design for buds 3 pro looks so ugly :face_vomiting:. I love the galaxy budโ€™s small design it is somewhat iconic by now. This stem design is very generic looking looks like oppo or huawei buds.

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Itโ€™s getting way too expensive. Maybe they have a plan to sell these at 50% after some time.

I got my buds 2 pro for almost 60 percenf off. Will do the same for buds 3 pro. Wait for a sell and then pounce :face_with_peeking_eye::joy:

Mainstream tws like these tends to always drop in prices pretty quickly after release so maybe they set the entry msrp high so the price isnt too low when it drops like a stone.


Owiee! I love the notion of it, it looks great, probably sounds great, way outta what I am willing to spend.

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Well, if it wasnt obvious before now it sure is. They are totally copying apple from the design down to even the lineupโ€ฆ
Airpods = Galaxy Buds 3 = earbud/iem hybrid style
Airpods Pro = Galaxy Buds 3 Pro = iem style with stem

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Bro i hate this move so much that i will skip the buds 3 pro altogether. Why change your design language just to copy apple. Base Buds 2 are really nice deal, instead of being the base model it still has noise cancellation and good tuning. This earbud design of the buds 3 just ruined everything for budget buyers.

I believe the Galaxy Buds FE is the model they are aiming for people that want the old style. (late 2023 release afaik.)

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Yes. But the tuning on buds 2 is better. Man I am more sad than frustrated. I love Samsung, just bought s24 ultra. But these things makes my brain go boom :exploding_head:

Buds 3 Pro is using a DD + Planar setup it seems, a first from Samsung as they always used either a single DD or dual DD setup.


they look like those cheap chinese 5$ apple dental floss buds knock offs now.

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In pics those look shitty as hell in terms of materials and finish + I heard those are also very bassy for average consumer (which I translate to โ€œmuddy AFโ€).

But I just combined dozen of coupons I had (birthday, unpacked and one other I donโ€™t remember of) and with VAT deduced it ended up at 50$ for me, so I could not resist.
I donโ€™t think it is large risk to take though especially as I can get them compared to my favourite TWS Huawei Freebuds 2 pro with same driver configuration.
I would let you guys know in 2 wks I believe


if they get the treble right and intact with the planar then 50$ is cheap as hell for all those tech, the rest can be eqed easily but you canโ€™t eq a missing hole in treble. buds fe got one issue for me and its the treble, its intact up to around 19k but the energy is too low for my ideal replay.

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This is the graph apparently.



what a cool website, they even have previous bud measurements too
old 2 pro

new 3 pro

buds fe

they basically reduced the 2 pros upper midrange so it probably will sound bassier than the 2 pro. they added a few dbs to the subbass too. idk what that planar is doing tbh but for upper treble you have to listen to the product. the measurements are slightly tricky about this part.

Apos x Audio-Technica ATH-R70x


cheaper R70x without the bass roll-off? that sounds interesting


Edifier is also coming up with a planar tws, the first from their stax series

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Too bad itโ€™s a limited edition.