Rupert Neve RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier

That is one serious tube amp!

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Sounds to me like the rnhp + elex would be a match made in heaven, and now that I have elex and see all of these compliments I feel like I gotta save up for the rnhp

It’s pretty sweet imo, really killer amp for the price, that also allows you to step up to the clear in the future and further reap the benefits

Damnit I gotta sell more stuff. The NDH20 and elex have made me sell off a lot of other sets that were stepping stones up to this point. Just recently got the Archel 2.5 though.

The 2.5 is sweet pretty dang good amp imo, I would just stick with that tbh unless you step up to something like the clear

And the Archel 2.5 is available with a $20 discount right now.

Yeah I mean for solid-state I have the 2.5 and the jds labs el amp 1st Gen, being fed with the RME adi2 dac (which in itself is another amp) so I think I’m good for a while haha. EL amp was my first desktop amp when I started in this hobby a few years ago and I swear I’ll never sell that thing.

Wonder how the Enog 2 compares to the SU8 purely sound wise.

I really like the sound of the El amp, fairly unique

About similar, I think the enog has slightly better sound but the su8 has more flexibility and features

Thanx MON, that helps for balanced. And the best SE dac you said would be the D50s? Or is the enog2 or su2 better than the D50s in SE ?

I think in single ended the d50s is what I would pick sound wise, the enog and su8 are more made for balanced audio

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Awesome, last thing. Is the LS a good enough amp to use a dac of that caliper on? Would it scale the dac quality good enough

I think it would imo, it’s slightly overkill but you will still be able to notice the difference

Thanx MON, looking for a long term DAC if that makes sence.

And stupid reason also the LS fits better on the D50s than on the D10 as the D50s is a little bit bigger than the LS :joy::joy:


This is likely already answered, and i saw deon just asking about this, but I wasn’t sure if it was specific to his use case. What dac would be a good pairing for the rnhp? I kinda want a good all round dac, maybe to pair with any future solid state or tube amps in the future, but I am looking very closely at this amp at the moment as I’ve seen so much about it lately.

For the dac, like I said, I’d prefer one that is good for pairing with this and future amps possibly. And call me crazy, but I think I’d kind of prefer U.S. made, not that I don’t see the Chinese stuff as inferior, I’m sure I’d get a better bang for my buck or maybe better sound entirely. But for some odd reason, I like pairing American made with American made lol. If you all think I’m better off with a topping or smsl then I could go with that too I suppose :yum:.

Not too sure about price. Maybe 300 or so? Maybe up to 5? I’m in the process of trying to budget it all in now.

Sorry for being complicated!

If you want us made the enog 2 pro is my pick. If you don’t mind chinese made the su8 is my pick

Ohhhh I remember the enog now that I saw it. Would you say the su8 over the enog then if where it’s made isn’t a factor?

So I think the enog 2 pro actually has better sound quality, but doesn’t have features like usb, filters, sound modes, remotes, volume control (although the enog has voltage selection but that’s different) like the su8 does