Rupert Neve RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier

Yeah I don’t mind missing the extra features. I think that looking at the enog, the only issue I see is that the OCD in me would go lose it with having things plugged into the front and back at the same time. Kinda wish everything was in the back. I may just tuck it under my desk or something. But thanks! I’ll look into both (of course the su-8 had to be on massdrop right now lol).

Would I get a pretty good improvement in sound/value moving closer to the 500 dollar range?

It depends on the amp but it would be more marginal after that, I think you would want to step in the 700ish range to get a sizable upgrade after that

Gotcha. I’ll stick with on of these two for now. Thanks.

I have the Liquid Spark connected to the single ended on my ENOG 2 and Clears plugged in… Sounds fantastic to me.

Thanx Epic, love the LS. Just feel the dac in the fx audio is holding it back

I won’t get into specifics right now, but wow just wow. This little amp makes all the difference on my clears. I’m currently outputting from the dac in my Monolith THX 788 and it sounds great, a noticeable difference over the 788 alone. Also listened briefly with my pair of 58x and it sounded very good. Can’t wait for the ENOG2pro to get here later this week.


Lets goo lol, I just think it’s an awesome amp for the price, a “clear” improvement with the clears. Def worth it imo :+1:

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Oh well. Sounds like Zeos was wrong and I need to add the RNHP to the “too good for the price” list or something.


:+1::+1::+1: up to you but I do think the rnhp is very impressive for the price

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Done. :slight_smile:

Initial thoughts, The song so far that has shown me the refinement is Spanish Harlem by Rebecca Pidgeon.

Vocals aside there is a shaker in the background that sounds more like one of those plastic hand clappers on the THX, on the RNHP it sounds actually wooden and hollow.

Around 2:00 minutes there is a piano, it sounds like a Casio keyboard on the THX vs an actual piano in the RNHP. I took piano lessons as a kid and I defiantly know what one sounds like. The RNHP hands down sound more realistic when compared to the THX


What headphone were you using?

Focal Clear

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Yeah lol, personally I think the rnhp is an upgrade in every aspect except power over thx (now you might see why I push it a bit especially with the clears or other higher end headphones lol). That amp imo is a good example of neutral accuracy but still natural sound imo


Next song is Maiden Voyage by Leny Andrade. The cymbals around 33 seconds sound worlds more refined on the RNHP vs the THX. The RNHP sounds extremely resolving and buttery smooth at the same time. The THX has a harsher , sharpness and is about 65- 70% as resolving.

There is a difference for sure. I’m about to try other headphones


I can tell a minor difference with the Hifiman HE4XX the Beyerdynamic DT880 sound pretty magical on the RNHP. Partly due to the bottom end bump along with the finesse the RNHP has

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Grado sounds noticeably better on the RNHP as well. The RNHP isn’t as bright sounding as the THX.

I think I can explain the amps this way.

The RNHP is like a really well-cooked steak, it’s perfect the way it is.

The THX 888 is like having that same steak delivered and before you bite into it the server just starts shaking a ton of seasoning on it.

The THX processing is super obvious with A/B testing. Everything has extra sparkle it’s like the music went to the Oprah show and she just started giving out extra sparkle.



I will say though with the 600ohm Beyerdynamics I have to nearly max out the volume, but there is no detectable noise or distortion at that volume.


If you want more out of it, you can use 3.5mm in on the rnhp and get more gain if needed


Thanks, that’s nice to know I’ve been using the balanced from the Enog