Rupert Neve RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier

This guy.

“Turns off SP200, Adjust volume on RNHP and continues with life”

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So, after some more experience with it, would you say thx is endgame lol (as some do)?

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M0N continues his crusade against THX… feeling just a bit more satisfied by another victory in his long fought war


This statement confused me a bit, and I’m not with the amp yet to try this out. Why does 3.5mm in provide more gain?

The different inputs have different gain levels by design, I can’t recall the exact numbers off of the top of my head, I do know the 3.5mm is sig higher gain tho

So i’ve seen a phonitor vs RNHP comparison. Anyone getting a GSX mini anytime soon?

I had a gsx mk2 so I could compare that lol. I think the spl e beats out the gsx mini tho imo

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Ah cool. Any specific input you feel brings out the best in the amp?

Balanced is my preferred with it, but the rca isn’t bad either

Ah and you decided to keep the RNHP instead

Yes please lol.

I kind of like the GSX mini aesthetics a bit more though. Lol

Well to be clear the gsx mk2 was sold to buy a Niimbus US4+ which I liked more lol. The rnhp does remain as my amp of choice for studio though even though I have much higher tier. The mk2 would be more resolving and forward, also brighter. I do think the mk2 was superior to me for listening for solid state but for studio I think the rnhp was still a better reference, my masters just came out better imo


I’m curious about this, how better. Is this because the RNHP sounds more uncoloured?

They came out more organic sounding is the main thing, it just sounded more realistic


Like produce…? :thinking:

Fresh produce made from natural ye olde farming techniques and experienced farmers without the use of pesticides or blood sacrifices.


That’s Olde School! :face_with_monocle:

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Yes, but it isn’t natural and it colors the produce. The RNHP is all about natural produce.

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Does the RNHP make Beets sound good?

Most likely, although I don’t have a pair around to confirm

Jokes aside, the RNHP has a wonderfully natural sound.

Rupert Neve knows analog, and the RNHP demonstrates that. He made a lot of the boards that some pretty fantastic albums were recorded on.