[SALE] - Zeus, A30P, K553, Momentum 3, DT900, Arctis Pro

Ships free to lower 48 conUS only. PayPal.

  • [$275] - HarmonicDyne Zeus (bought new, tested once) Pics
  • [$199.99] - Sennheiser Momentum 3, silver (bought new, tested once) Pics
  • [$199.99] - Beyer DT900 (bought new, tested once) Pics
  • [$199.99] - Topping A30 Pro (bought 8/2021, used/excellent) Pics
  • [$95] - Arctis Pro (bought new, tested once) Pics
  • [$95] - AKG K553 MKII (bought new, tested once) Pics
  • [$95] - AKG K553 MKII (bought renewed, sealed) Pics

Bro, what…? Posted in my post, not in the main thread? :slight_smile:

re-post it in the main thread, you will get better results and then the moderators cant delete this thread.

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Huh? This is the main category to post sales in. I don’t want to bury my post in some giant thread

you just post bumps once a week in the thread. alone ut will be ignored as the thread is what everyone monitors.

I’ll let the mods decide where it should go, then, since the design/usage/culture of the site allows for the same thing to be posted in 2 places, apparently. Don’t allow posts outside of that main thread, if it makes no sense to post there.

no need to be defensive. trying to help you out. and the website, and other people who might be looking for what you got. this post, my response, your response. its all data. data that has to be stored. you want to keep it? no skin off my back, i dont pay for it. but someone does. gluck with sales!

I’m being logical, not defensive. Posting where these posts are supposed to go. And if they shouldn’t go here(never to be seen by anyone, apparently), the mods should not allow it, and fix this issue.

The preferred and suggested place to post items that are for sale or are interested in buying is the Buy/Sell and Looking for Thread.

The Buy/Sell thread was created specifically to help maintain a level of organization by keeping posts of this nature in one thread and to limit the creation of one-off threads such as this.

Cheers :beers:

Is there a required ruleset for selling I’m not seeing? Or what I have down is good?

Common courtesy and best practice for which the reasoning and thought behind was already given. We would appreciate your cooperation moving forward.


Uh, I’m not sure how to interpret that, but I’ll assume the info I posted meets whatever posting rule criteria there may or may not be. :slight_smile:


I think the point they aree making is sure, you can post your stuff in its own thread. No one on this site will prob look at it though as that’s not the SOP.

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The ability to make posts outside of that thread probably shouldn’t exist, then. No?


SOP = standard operating procedure

being able to do something != It being the correct way to do it.

I imagine it would be a burden on moderators to constantly search for sale threads to block/close.

This is the current, inefficient structure. No? All posts outside of that one special thread get ignored and eventually closed, as I understand. Just make the entire sales category a thread, then, to reduce wasted internet data/resources, and improve sale efficiency.