Schiit Bifrost 2

Wonderful review! :clap: :clap:

I’ve been flip-flopping between the BF2 and Ares II for the past several months. I knew that my two DACs for the past year or so (SDAC-B and Modi Multibit v2) were the bottlenecks in my system (Liquid Platinum and Marantz MM 7025 [HE-6 drivers, hehe]). I had a taste of the high-end before when I had a weeklong loan of Chord’s Hugo TT2 (MSRP ~$6k) courtesy of TTVJ’s HF loaner program.

The SDAC-B is an enjoyable DAC, but the TT2 blew it out of the water in almost every category except for tonality, as the SDAC-B’s (imo) is pretty damn good on that front without suffering too much digititus. However, the TT2 had better detail retrieval and space/depth in its soundstage. Moreover, there’s that punch, visceralness, or tactility that was clearly several levels above the SDAC-B and the Mimby. I was sad to see the TT2 go, as it made my HE-6’s approach David Maher’s description of the HE-6 in his flagship shootout post from years ago.

Now, hold that thought while I circle back to my BF2 vs Ares II decision. I asked a few here about their opinion between the two and I decided to go with the BF2 because of its supposedly more correct timbre and depth to its soundstage despite not being as wide as the Ares II. Almost as important in my mind was Schiit just being a 45min drive away, so any service or repair can be handled in a relatively straightforward manner. On the other hand, the Ares II would require me to ship the unit back to Vinshine all the way to Singapore and possibly pay both ways ($86 to $100 each way). So warranty service with Vinshine could be $86-$200 out of pocket. So, all of the factors pointed me to the BF2.

I think @WaveTheory did an excellent job describing the BF2, and I have to say that my experience with the BF2 is similar. The most noticeable thing was the presence of tactility from the BF2! Finally, notes had more weight to them. A flamenco guitarist tapping the body of his guitar can be now be heard and felt, somewhat similar to that of the TT2. It has been too long since I’ve listened to the TT2, but the tactility that I missed from it is now happily provided by the BF2 without the $4.8k premium of the former.


My BF2 is shipping today! I am all excited. :grin:
Hopefully I will have it next week.


anyone have amp recs that pair well with the bifrost and are good with iems aswell?

Asgard 3? I have used it many times with my iems…pretty impressed with it for being able to considering the power the amp has.


yeah seems to be pretty good. I am willing to spend in the 500$ or so area so wondering if there might be a good option at that price range too

I have used an Asgard 3 with good success with the Bifrost 2 but recently I moved the A3 to another source chain and I am now using a Jotunheim 2 with the Bifrost and also a Monoprice Liquid Platinum. Both amps are using the balanced out from the Bifrost 2 via an XLR switch. Both of these amps sound terrific and are a good match for the Bifrost 2.

If you are looking for something else, perhaps a Lake People G111? I have not yet heard this amp personally but @WaveTheory just recently did a review of the G111 and discusses some about which DACs he used with it - Bifrost 2 being one of them. You can find that review HERE. I’m sure he could also answer more questions you may have about amp pairings with the Bifrost 2.

Edit: I missed the part about iems. The Liquid Platinum is not a particularly good candidate for iems as the gain is pretty high on that amp, and the volume pot is known to be pretty sensitive.

With the G111, both the Denafrips Ares II and the Soekris dac1321 work really well.


No go with my BF2… :pleading_face:

Feeding with a Sony DAP (NW-ZX300) via USB.

Changed USB cable and XLR cables, that were working fine 5 minutes before and are working fine now with my SMSL SU-8.

Got an e-mail in to Schiit now…Sigh

Damn, Any other dac sources you could try it on?

Yep. I just plugged it in the computer (swapped out a D30) and the computer said hello Bifrost 2 is in and working. Even renamed that audio out Speakers (Schiit Bifrost 2 Unison USB). but, NO sound is coming out the speakers.
It is like I have hit a mute button. I have even tried the mute button on the remote off and on, but no luck.

Stupid question but you are on the right input on the bifrost correct?

I checked that. About 30 or 40 times. :smile:
It seems to be powering up and working fine, but will not put out sound.

Perhaps try using some rca to another amp? I would also close and reopen any applications on the pc to refresh their audio source, and also make sure there aren’t any specific audio settings in the application you are using. And for the input on the dac it should show the first light ofc, and double check the mute button again lol? That’s pretty strange that you get no output whatsoever but it get recognized just fine

I changed cables, amps, sources, etc.

I am sending it back tomorrow and Schiit will send out my replacement when the shipping is active. I will cover the cost and they will reimburse me.
Not ideal, but it is what is.

Well, hopefully the process goes smoothly, gl

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Same issue with mine when it died. Pc recognized it and everything seemed fine but no sound output. They replaced the output board it said on the repair ticket.

I thought they tested all their products between production and shipping. I guess not. Or maybe something got knocked around in shipping.

Sorry to hear of your issues. On a good note the replacemt shiit sent me works 100%

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@ShaneD So sorry to hear of this…after all that waiting! A lot of bumps and cold on the way up there, I suppose. Keep us posted. Meanwhile “love the one you’re with.”

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I just shipped my Bifrost 2 back to Schiit today actually. It died and wouldn’t turn back on. I will probably sell it once I get it back.