Schiit - Lokius

Schiit brings a new Equalizer out it call Lokius.

Looks not bad on the eye,hope it is fine.

They would bring another Eq but for 1500$ and is more for her greater Models :see_no_evil:.


At that price, they would compete with studio EQs like the Drawmer 1974 or elysia xfilter.

I bought a Lokius and it should be here on Thursday. Maybe we can have the title changed to Lokius from New Loki?

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So I’m guessing this balanced EQ is to be stacked with the Magnius? From what I recall, the Magnius was so neutral/reference-sounding that it was jarring for my ears.

It has xlr and rca, it’s meant to stack with any of the midsize chassis units. Asgard, Lyr, Valhalla, Jot, etc

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Changed the title now

@WaveTheory or @Ohmboy could you make this an official thread?

Had the Loki mini+ for a little bit and will be getting the Lokius soon. One of the things I really liked about the mini+ was the ability to adjust a freq and not have much bleed in to the other freq like I’ve experienced with digital eq. And maybe that’s the big difference between analog eq and digital eq? Ive never been much into eq, but it was fun to play around with. At times it was like a tube buffer. Either way was pretty pleased with the performance of the mini+ and loking forward to the Lokius…and possibly the Loki Max :sunglasses:


Would do mate but where would you like me to put it?.. the E/E/G/Accessories doesn’t have an “Official Thread” so maybe keep it as :man_shrugging:

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Fair enough, I didn’t realise that tbh

Me neither till I tried to add it lol…kinda makes sense though as there’s not that many items that fall under this category so any posts of interest standout?..personally I think we have more than enough categories so I’m not inclined to add more tbh…but we’re here for the community so if any folks feel the need for other categories to be added then that will be looked in to lol.

Yeah there is quite a few categories in this Sub forum already :sweat_smile:

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Decisions, decisions… all this Mod shit has me not :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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just throw stuff like this in with dacs and be done. just like dacs, they modify the sound. i dont feel a new catagory is needed for the few of these anyone would use.

Ok this’s going off topic so to save the Legit Lokius thread i’m gonna move this to a new off topic and you guys can decide what and where…

I understand that, however, I made my comment based on the fact that the Lokius shares both the -ius naming pattern & the 9" x 6" x 1.5" dimensions of the Magnius and Modius.

Besides, the Magnius has a sterile sound to it, so it could see benefits from getting analog eq.

I received the Lokius yesterday. So far it does its job well and I don’t have any issues with it. It shipped very fast. I had bought it last Sunday.

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Schitty manual…it has the output and inputs labeled backwards.

Trap for the new players :smiley:


manual looks same as picture of back at schiit store

If you look closely at the writing on the manual, the input and output writing are switched