Scout Mode in g6 ,is hardware or software?

i want to buy sound blasterx g6 for gaming as i heard very good for footsteps in gaming but its expensive with shipping for me .

regarding Scout Mode as i understand it is the one make footsteps clear.My question is Scout Mode software so i can buy any dac and make dac like g6 ?

my headphone Sennheiser HD 560S


I know someone here is gonna lose their mind on me for this one but not one of the footstep mode bullshit comes anywhere close to the atmos gaming performance mode. Definitely don’t buy an amp or dac around any filtering for games. If you want a sound filter spend the $12 or whatever on atmos. I actually really like a couple of their presets for some stuff. Bitrate is low though.

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Lose their mind? Lol maybe but your are indeed correct I agree.

Btw… scout mode as they call it is just an equalizer preset like ifi over there and their xspace and xbass. All it does is eq the headphone for brightness and less bass. However g6 is a amp/dac combo… your good if you get one but I’d recommend an amp purchase and just use the g6 as your dac if you want to keep the extras

Anybody who states an amp is good for footsteps due to 7.1 or scout mode is lieing or scamming. Yes an amp and dac can help but only on adjusting the headphones sound itself. Your headphone the 560s is honestly not good at footstep placement. Get a headphone better for placements then worry about your amp and dac

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It’s hardware, you don’t need to be plugged into a computer to use the feature. Works with my ps5. The 560s doesnt need that feature anyways because the sound is already very clear. If anything your money would be better spent on something like the Schiit Hel or Mayflower Arc.

Scout mode compresses dynamics and boosts up the mids to make footsteps louder but not clearer. That would depend on the headphone.

That definitely sounds like the treble more than mids to me… maybe a combination of the two. Still a form of eq. Sounds pretty bad regardless if you ask me. 560s and 599s are quite bassy too which just kinda adds insult to injury there a bit

lol i canceled my order for 560s.

regarding this statment from youtuber is correct.

Beyerdynamic DT880. The 880 is a good choice but isn’t quite as good for sounds coming from behind you. Don’t purchase this and expect it to do well with an FPS shooter for example. It’s very comfortable however and has a very balanced overall signature with a bright sounding treble.

Hmm… then what are some headphones that produce sound accurately in 360 degree(including behind 5or 7 clock) and vertical positioning in the upper price range? Are there only two options(hd800s T1) that are under 400 grams?

this made me laugh quite hard, it does fine behind you but it also depends on your own hearing of course. Most headphones aren’t going to be fantastic at placing behind you and it takes some getting used to just like if it sounds like it’s above or below you. 880 does just fine on it’s placement I can definitely vouch for that… granted no, it’s staging isn’t the largest due to being semi-open back… the better staging and imaging go to the 990 and tygr 300r respectively in the $200 market from beyerdynamic. Though yes, 880 has a beautifully balanced yet a bit bright sound signature.

58x Jubilee, HD598(has some issues but still works) Sennheiser in general is a very good jack of all trades brand the only issue is that the soundstage is typically fairly lacking… 500 series has about average staging but 600 series has very narrow staging hd800s on the other hand is the largest in the market but more of a one trick pony, K7 series from akg(has some minor imaging issues), AD series from audio technica(has separation issues till you get to 1000x and above closed back alternative you have to double check on signatures as it gets a bit weird on the bass) or MSR7 which is a really nice closed back for competitive… does alright no complaints from me on that one, anything from beyerdynamic in terms of placement is just fine as they kind of excel in this particular area the only one I found rough on placements was the customs, Hifiman does a fantastic job on spacious sound from 400i to sundara to ananda etc they do very well in this regard… the imaging isn’t as superb as a beyer but they are a fantastic alternative to beyers in my opinion if you want a planar they just have build quality and qc issues, Aeons are more jack of all trades harman tuned(RT, 2, and open x only not flow) so they work well at 360 degrees but diagonals can get slightly iffy, Harmonicdynes headphones do just fine… I mean, I can keep going.

in the long run though, while I can say yeah they do 360 degree fine… there is some that just do the job better than others… Beyers in particular just seem to stand above till you get up in the price brackets for soundstage and imaging combined. Least from my experience. Beyer knocks out sennheiser due to sen’s narrow staging, they knock out akg due to imaging issues, they knock out audio technica due to separation, comfort, price point, and imaging accuracy, dan clark is too middle ground they lose on soundstage and imaging, the only three I would say can go head to head early on… would probably be harmonicdyne, beyer, and hifiman. Later on of course you start getting like Focal and others coming into play and then even later you have to consider abyss and other branding like zmf or denon potentially but once you get I want to say past… $600+ range… it’s not that necessary less it’s mainly for musical qualities.

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Thanks for the information! Maybe the T1 gen2 might be the best for me… I guess I shouldn’t believe the RTINGS’ scores…

like any reviewer RTING is just opinionated even on their scores… it’s not by a bunch of people reviewing a product… they sat down with it tested it and gave it a judgement score based on their thoughts.

If you feel you’d like more info on T1 2nd generation why not go ask people in the forum on here that actually own the headphone themselves instead of relying on reviewers who may shill or be quite biased… or sites like amazon where some reviewers are paid for good reviews. 🔶 Beyerdynamic T1 Gen2

i found K712 Pro in amazon uk for USD 299.77
is it good deal ?
i am noob by the way (lost finding good headphone for fps )

this guy give Spoiler: Competitive: 8.75/10 (Excellent)

299 GBP is 330€. That is 110€ more than I paid for mine.
299 USD comes out to 221 GBP (does it?) has them for 199 new (incl shipping). Question is if they can get it there before end of the year/brexxit fucks shipping.

shipping to saudi arabia and they do not buy amazon uk will do it.

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Definitely feel they are more worth while for that price point… considering here you can snag something like the DT 880 for only like $125 and 880 is better on it’s imaging while k712(despite being the bassier of this particular series) has a much larger soundstage

Then what are headphones that are good at placing things behind me? Will I need an ATMOS for that?

atmos, 7.1, scout mode, etc etc are all only -reasonably- useful for gaming headsets that have rather bad staging or more narrow headphones however, it more than likely will destroy your sound qualities outside of special exceptions or bad recordings. I have already said headphones that are good. If your just looking for a reasonable headphone with a good sound and pretty much good for any use case… tygr 300R fits that the best for soundstage and imaging, it’s laser accurate in placements and has a stage as large as the AKG, followed by something such as 58x jubilee, average soundstage and balanced sound. For some setups both of these can be ran ampless… otherwise a cheaper amp/dac can be purchase to supply them just fine

It’s a niche selling point in order to jack up the price on units that have 7.1 that make everything “more immersive”. Kind of like an artificial soundstage or speaker system so to speak.

Hmm…so the surround features are mostly a gimmick if I have a solid stereo headphone…(I believe the T1 gen2 is one of those). I see. But isn’t the scout mode just an EQ preset? It doesn’t seem to be something related to spacial audio…

I am lost every one has different options. Can I judge a headphones by listing the demo sound in you tube?

I was going to buy 712 I saw video they say not good for call of duty 702 better or get

A headphone with food imaging will do this well. All 4 of my opens back sennheiser, beyers ,akg, and even my hifimanwill do this well you just have to give them time as they all do it slightly different the thing that makes theost difference is the game and the game’s sound engine. If the game’s sound engine is bad sometimes I find actually adding virtual surround sound not being a bad idea. But if the game has a good sound engine or a standard sound engine but good sound design to make up for it like siege or overwatch I find the addition of bass to kinda ruin the experience

712 is way better than the 6xx for gaming much wider soundstage and has better separation and imaging prowess. The 6xx may be better on tubes but I don’t know if you wanna game with tubes. Personally i did find my favorite headphones for COD because of how fast paced it was was the hd 58x and for warzone was my hifiman 4xx because of how that game specifically interacted with audio imaging was especially good on the 4
4xx for some reason

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