Sennheiser consumer division sold


Pretty interesting: global provider of medical hearing solution".
Would not have been my first guess. Probably some interesting collab/products is in the future sight.

Yeah it may not be bad. If audio reproduction is their core business, this may end up being good.

I had a hearing test a month or so ago… guess what medical grade headphone they were using in the isolation booth?

I’ve had hearing tests before and the headphones they were using (no idea what brand) looked and felt like Sony 80s walkman units :grimacing:


This was a specialist. My doctor’s (general practitioner) statement was, might as well send you there since our equipment is old and not very accurate.

This Senn had blue cups, (closed back) it was heavy AF and had a synth leather earpads that looked normal on the outside but had a conical shape inside the cup. The headband was a bit of an Argon throwback job to it.

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So which products in Sennheiser’s lineup do they consider as “consumer products” and which will not?

I was at a specialist as well. In a soundproof booth with all sorts of fancy equipment…and crap headphones :man_shrugging:

Headphones and soundbars are consumer.

Do all of their headphones fall under that or do some fall under the “Pro Audio” classification?

All I believe, pro would Be studio equipment

No. Not all headphones since both sides have them.
Would think this sorting *cut it will be.

Everything in Left box is out and everything on right remains.

By that division then things like the HD600-series and the HD800-series will end up as part of the acquisition.

That’s kinda worrying as someone whose favored brand to date has been Sennheiser.

Looks like they’re taking Sony’s path. Sony has pretty much left the audiophile game and fully concentrating on their 360 reality audio and other consumer products.

@Ohmboy maybe merge your thread to this one?

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The second half of this year will get interesting on that front.

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Good or bad what do you reckon?

No clue.
I have very little experience with Sennheiser products apart from having used their wireless Mic Systems two times.

Never heard of Sonova either.

Hopefully good but who knows?..audiophile wise they’ve kinda been stuck in the HD600 series and the 800 series rut…either intimate or wide soundstage’s …would be good to have them spread their wings a bit and discover bass :+1:

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