🔶 Sennheiser HD58x Jubilee

58x will continue to be a great entry level can regardless of what else comes out, and I think targets a bit different sound than the 560s from what I’ve read. I have the 58x and love it, especially on tubes as that opens them up a bit to create slightly wider stage and separation.


Ah I see. I was just worried that these aren’t as good for value with all the new stuff coming out. Thanks!

I think they’re both great value and which one someone will like more will come down to preference. I’ve really enjoyed them both for different reasons.

Not only do I think the 58X is still an excellent value, but I actually much prefer them to the 560S. The warmth and smoothness of the 58X is much better to me than the 560S’s significantly more neutral and analytical sound, which I personally am not a fan of. The 58X just sounds far more natural to me. Yes it is a bit warm and laid back in the highs compared to higher end stuff. But they are the best for vocal music and when I’m not analyzing music and want to kick back and relax, and also for gaming. I prefer the sound signature in general compared to other headphones that are brighter in the treble (DT880, Sundara, even the HD600). Anyway, 58X is still the best value you can get right now, even at the increased $170 price.


I’m debating between getting the 58x or the 6xx. How do the 58X sound of a solid state amp? (specifically a liquid spark) I know some people say that the 600 series should all be played off a tube amp but I don’t really want to buy an extra amp at the moment.

I’m using the HD58x in the Element II, no complains here. From what I heard (as I don’t own one), the 6xx is the one more amp picky, and it could benefit from a tube amp. But considering the LS is a warmer amp, it may compliment the 6xx rolled of bass. The 58x will probably change less from the source, as that has been my experience so far.


In a scale 1 to 10, do I need for an amp? because if it’s not have a “major” difference like night and day I want to spend those money to buy a bookshelf speakers instead, but if it really have a major difference then I might consider to get dac/amp like fiio k3 pro

58x doesn’t scale as much as other Senns, like the HD600/6xx/650, and isn’t very picky. So, yes you can run it without an amp and it’ll sound pretty good, but it does definitely make a noticeable difference to run it on even a budget dedicated amp. At 150 ohm, some phones and onboard audio may struggle a bit.

would say definitely advise caution on this as well, it’s still 150 ohms 104 dB at 1V, 1 kHz… despite this still being relatively simple to drive I have had to talk with a few people who have weak motherboards that cannot drive this unit and needed either an amp of some sort or just a better motherboard. Several phones cannot drive this either

I second this. Without “something” you’ll be missing out on a lot of this headphone. Easy to drive is relative on this forum, and usually relative to a lot of higher-end equipment, or some of the Senn600 family in this case at 2x the impedance. But $160+ 150 ohm cans deserve a little investment. Simply amplitude alone. $20 into a Fiio A3 or a little dongle dac makes a large difference.


Where are you getting the Fiio A3 for $20?

Not at a store evidently. Just any decent, cheap portable amp.

LG flagship phones besides Velvet can push 58x easily. Also, Qualcomm claims 2vrms which is more than enough.

Any dac amp recommendation that’ll be good pairing for hd58x? Maybe a warm sound signature In 150$ price range

Fiio K5 pro

Definitely ifi zen dac in my opinion if you want warmer… also has the bass button. zen CAN the later upgrade can be bought later and stacked with the zen dac(which actually completes this stack combo as the zen can is the stronger amp and zen dac is rather good as the dac of the combo). The drop version of the zen can had a 6xx button even… they are quite good for those neutral headphones you want a bit more warmth for. as mentioned above me from sun_dyes the k5 pro is another option.

Be sure to keep an eye on used markets for your audio equipment, I say this alot but it can save you a lot in the long run… you can find absolute mint or even sometimes brand new equipment for much less than full price. Zen dac is usually $120 brand new and k5 pro is $150. The zen dac and can also have a balanced port… so you can grab some balanced cables on the 58x jubilee and run it balanced if you want… gives it a bit of a better sound of the zen’s nothing major but definitely more power

So my Sennheiser HD58X still on the way to my home, I’m thinking the zen dac a little bit pricier considering that hd58x doesn’t scale as much as the 6xx with better amp, do you think the fiio e10k is enough to power my hd58x?

Should be alright. 58x definitely isn’t very demanding

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But I wouldn’t mind to spend more if its have a huge difference between e10k and zen dac? Do you think I found that difference in hd58x? Otherwise I save the money buy e10k and buy a bookshelf speakers instead

58x doesn’t scale anywhere near as much and isn’t very picky so the differences are a bit debateable… it’s hard for me to say for certain as I know some people who can’t hear any differences between amps unless you go between price brackets. Personally, I definitely like the ifi zen dac a lot more for it’s warmer smoother sound over the E10k. To me, personally I see the E10k as more of a throw away unit while zen dac is a start to a nice stack since you can grab the zen can later for more power and even better sound qualities.

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