🔶 Sennheiser HD58x Jubilee

Well, what is your smartphone? Will you use em just with the smartphone, or do you want to plug em in your computer too?

Might want to go with the Fiio BTR5 for an all-in-one solution for your computer and when outdoors.

Or with the ifi Hip dac “flask” if you don’t need bluetooth and the sample rate infos.

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agreed with ledechaine if you need portability those are great options

I’d also agree that I’d skip the e10k. I love my BTR5. You could also look for a used stack of sort sort for around $160.

Ifi Zen Dac or hip dac should do the trick espey if you spend a bit extra getting balanced cables

Oh, is that so? Then I might consider the fiio k5 pro for future proof without spending again, because fiio k5 pro a bit more pricier than ifi zen dac, what’s the better option? fiio k5 pro or ifi zen dac with balanced cable for my currently hd58x?

The Fiio K5 Pro is apparently solid if you want a simple, all-in-one desktop dac+amp combo. This can even power planars like T50RPs, if you’re interested by that.

Remeber you can get “stacks” for pretty much the same price too (JDS Atom Dac + Amp, Liquid Spark Dac + Amp, Topping A30 + D30…)

Not sure I have seen all 3 of those stacks reviewed together. Would be interesting.

I’ve bought a FiiO A5, in practically new condition for $50. Do you think it’s a good amp for hd58x?


Random question. Anyone here every pair the 58x with the IFI Zen Can or the IFI Zen Can Signature from Drop? If so what did you think? Did you play with the 6xx and 3-D buttons?

I did try it a couple of times at a Audio store to audition the normal Zen Stack, the non drop versions.
When using the 3D, this just adds a little more width to the overall sound as the name implies. X-bass is not as extreme as the TrueBass on the regular Zen DAC but more like just makes it crisper. TrueBass is just bonkers and absolutely love it. When I actually auditioned the stack for the 1st time I was a bit disappointed to be honest, most likely due to pairing it with the 58x. I would imagine it would pair well with Bright headphones, since the stack will add warmth, width and keep the amazing detail.

Value Proposition wise, the Zen DAC itself is really one of the best if not the best DAC/AMP combo in it’s particular price range. As a stack it’s only worth it in my opinion if you have higher Impedance Headphones with a brighter sound signature.

I hope this explanation helps

Thanks to the people here a few weeks ago, I got my HD58X.

Now my little brother is asking me for a pair and I stumbled onto this.

Anyone here with experience on “refurbished” products? I don’t wanna get memed and buy something with a broken left driver or something.

imo for $5 difference, I would just get new with warranty.


I am a bit stingy so even a $5 discount is huge and I don’t know if I’m even going to make use of the warranty since I’ll be buying these through a freight forwarding service so getting them sent back is actually more troublesome (and costly) on my part. :sweat:

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They do go on sale for $150 new either 2 or 3 times a year.


Agreed with what other people said, these go on sale pretty often. This time last year I bought mine for $135, so keep an eye out for end of year deals on drop.

In any case, if there’s no sale or you don’t want to wait, I would either get full price or look at the used market as you can get some good sets for $140, maybe even less.

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I’ve been using Zen DAC and Zen Can for few months and just recently acquired HD58X. As @Jerry_Spring mentioned, the TrueBass on Zen Dac is more pronounced than XBass on Zen Can. TrueBass was great for the Elegia since it didn’t have much bass, but since HD58X already has good amount of bass, XBass is really good on HD58X. It adds just right amount of bass. Hope it helps.

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Sup everyone, i just ordered these from drop and im feeling some kind of regret, not sure, im torn. So i’ve heard the soundstage isnt that big (i currently own CM mh-751, guessing its gonna be a lot better lol) and im not sure if i should search for something similar but with a bigger soundstage. But everything else i read and heard about these headphones sounds amazing to me and i was planning on getting FiiO K5 Pro to kinda get the most out of them. My budget for the cans was 200 euros and another 200 for the amp and dac or a combo, wanted to get the Schiit stack but EU complications. Mostly music and gaming(a little bit more competitive, just a little but i play a lot of casual games also). Do you think i made the right choice? If not what headphones would you recommend me? Cheers!

Soundstage is fine for what these do. Imaging is where they really shine. I have played Valorant in them and gotten the drop on folks quite a bit just from sound.


That’s nice to hear. Are you using an amp/dac and did you do some mods by any chance?