🔶 Sennheiser HD58x Jubilee

I’m a casual gamer, but when I play FPS the 58X is my headphone of choice. Imaging is quite nice, and they sound quite natual all around. I would give it some time, I also like more soundstage on my cans but the 58X did won me by its overall performance.

As for amps, the K5 pro is a nice option. Another one would be a Zen DAC, I believe you can find in europe since iFi is british.

Edit: rewrite the reasons to be more clear.


I’ve heard that imagine is pretty nice on the 58X so that encouraging. If I may ask what type of music do you listen to? I mostly listen to hiphop/electronic/rap/video game and movie soundtracks but i do occasionally listen to, well a lot of other genres so that’s why the 58X pulled me in. Do you think it would be a good choice for me? At the end of the day the cans i get would be used for gaming the most. Oh and regarding the amp thanks for the suggestion, i totally forgot about the Zen DAC.

A listen to a LOT of stuff. Samba, Pop, Hip-hop, Jazz, some instrumental classic, R&B, Soul, Classic Rock, some indie. I would say they do all right for most stuff, but where they shine for me is Vocals. PMJ’s version of “Who wants to live forever”, with Morgan James, on this headphone is out of this world. If you really listen to a lot of different stuff, IMO more than one headphone is something you will eventually consider. But for a “jack of all trades” headphone, the 58X does a good job.

For alternatives, if gaming is your main priority, I would encourage you to look at Falenkor’s competitive write-up, he’s done a great job describing headphones, and he’s usually a very helpful folk. If your focus is music, this can be complicated. Is my understanding hip-hop, rap, and electronic need some good bass punch, and this is usually something you don’t want with competitive gaming headphones. The 58X is as bassy as I would go, at least for my taste.

Edit: Might as well link the post I mentioned.


Oh boy that’s amazing. Jack of all trades is something i was looking for. What a coincidence, I was recently listening to random PMJ tracks (including the Who wants to live forever) and felt like there was something missing, the instruments didn’t feel good enough but vocals were there. Basically the only type of music that i don’t listen to is metal i guess. Thank you very much for the link. We are gonna see how complicated it will get, but the fact that some very punchy bass does not interest me is gonna make it easier, i hope. So what im looking for is an all arounder with some slight emphasis on competitive gaming if i got it right, not knowing myself is kinda making it harder. Thank you very much.

Using IFI Zen Can Signature and IFI Zen Dac Signature. You could use an IFI Zen Dac and be fine. No mods. My opinion these headphones don’t need mods.

Still debating if i should go for the Zen Dac or K5 Pro. That’s nice, not a fan of modifying headphones but i read that a lot people mod them so i was curious.

I mean, you can. I’m more of a “listen to what was intended” kinda person. Heaviest mod I’ll do is pads. Anything else I’ll hire out or get something that does what I want it to do. There are a good number of mods out there. I’m not a super fiddly person so most mods are just ‘meh’ to me. Good thing about Sennheiser is there are SO many mods you can do really easy and really cheap. You can expose the driver itself in most of them in two or three steps.

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I must try this! I’m the opposite of ‘in love’ with my 58x and if this can make them less like a tepid soup and provide some much needed clarity I’m all for it. Listening to Aja today on various headsets and the 58x were just woeful - the sax sounded nice, but the drums etc. were a muddle.

I still rate these cans for the right tracks (if you can match them) and gaming. But hopefully a modification will improve the overall signature.

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Yeah same here. But a good mod can change my mind absolutely, looked up quite a few here “just in case” if its not what i expected. But then again going from a closed back 75 euro headset to an open back Sennheiser i’m probably gonna get my mind blown. This is gonna be my first pair of headphones and it’s not really cheap so i try to be very careful about my purchase.

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@AWackO Relax! They are coming…don’t torture yourself with what ifs. (We’ve all done that at one time or another, lol.) Spend a week with them and enjoy your new experience. There will be plenty of time for thoughts of mods or other changes later. :wink:


Haha i’ll do my best to relax, 1st pair of high-end(at least to me) headphones, gotta overthink every single bit, just a lil bit :sweat_smile:

And thanks, appreciate it!

Hey I do try, I just don’t claim to be like this master of all information though lol… If you want someone whos very knowledgeable with a lot of experience talk with M0N. I blame Riceguru for dragging me into this hobby and getting me a bit addicted

imaging is very nice indeed, I really appreciate the 58x for what it is and unlike the 6xx or 600 series of sennheisers it has a good size soundstage for regular use. Granted I wish the sound quality was better like the 600 series but it is what it is. It’s a very jack of all trades headphone, the only potential problems I would say you may have is that it may appear a bit boring, which is another reason I also suggest something like zen dac, the headclamp out of the box is nuts as per typical sennheisers so it will need stretched, and depending on your ear size it could be a slight issue… pads are quite oval and a bit on the thin side.

it’s in the process of being updated. I am currently still writing it in google.doc. I still have I think 8 more headphones to add and a couple potential others as well as rewriting that long drawn excerpt on hardware.

If your going to check the write up out… take it with some grains of salt, oh and ignore the gaming headsets lol

nah, tygr 300r is about the limit I would go. zen dac pushes the 58x jubilee over that limit with the bass button and gets in the way for fps but you can just shut that off… good combination.

if that’s true than the recommendation would be fine for 58x + ifi zen. Tygr 300r would be an alternative but it doesn’t respond as well to the bass boost

zen dac if going with the sennheisers imo.


Hey thanks for the advice. Spent some time reading your guide and got even more confused :laughing: I have a question though, what do you mean by “a bit boring”? Lack of bass or are they maybe not blowing your head off? Sorry, I’m just getting into hi-fi gear. My previous headset was CM MH-751 and they were kinda boring to me, good for competitive games but for everything else meh. Before ordering HD58X i was looking into Hifiman cans but gave up because i was reading that they were not that reliable.

lol, another reason I seriously need to rewrite that thing.

eh it can mean a few things. Lack of treble energy, lack of vocals, lack of bass thump, lack of dynamics, mainly boils to being around preference. Since Sennheisers are much more balanced and neutral they aren’t really emphasized in any set frequencies by a big margin, this can make people like bassheads as an example feel the sennheisers aren’t right for them. For me personally, I prefer brighter treble so the detail, clarity, and sparkle that comes from that is something I feel missing from the Sennheisers in most cases

mh751 is a bit of a neutral bright headphone with meh bass tonality as well as mids. They are good for what they are, a gaming headset. 58x jubilee is much better in my opinion.

They are plenty reliable, and Sundara especially is incredible. However, most hifiman are bass lite. Hifiman’s headphones sound great, but the issue with them is build quality is rather cheap and they have large quality control issues across the board. While they have warranties and the like to resolve these issues, it’s just annoying and bothersome to think while the headphone could be fixed… what happens if it just kicks the bucket later after the warranty expires?

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I see, I see. Well what you said here: “Lack of treble energy, lack of vocals, lack of bass thump, lack of dynamics” is what i was looking for, especially the energy and dynamics (extra thump would be nice too). When i put them on i want to feel the power and energy. I think they are leagues better than the mh751s so im kinda hoping for something amazing, something that i havent heard before. I know im asking for everything to be perfect in headphones and also i know that something like that doesn’t exist.

I would say give the setup a shot and see what you think for yourself… go from there.

Yeah, that’s the plan now. Maybe add the ifi zen CAN later on to go with the DAC if everything goes as planned. Fingers crossed :smile:

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The estimated ship date for my hd58x is today (I’ve never ordered from drop before) , how long do you generally have to wait for these to arrive and do they usually ship when they say they will?

@TheGreatLeveler Don’t know why this batch took so long. My friend ordered
his before Christmas. Hope his get shipped too!!

I ordered the day after Christmas So from the way you are phrasing that I assume drop orders don’t usually take this long?