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This is the official thread for the Sennheiser HD650. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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I still have a pair of these, but they’ve been replaced in my home by the 660 S and at work by the 58X. Still solid, I use them occasionally at work for a different sound.

HD650 <3.

Had a pair of these longer than anything else I’ve ever owned in my life.


The best I have owned and heard. I am in my early 50’s and have been a audiophile since I was a teen. I have owned around 10 to 15 phones. The HD650 are my favorite by far. I love the clarity and openness, the sense of no strain, the ability to not burn my ears after an hour plus listening session. Bass response that is not muddled and distorted. These replaced Monoprice M1060’s. I just found nothing exceptional with those. I am going to look into better pads and cabling for them. I do use Deoxit gold on all connects.

Anyone else on here enjoying pad swapping these bad boys? I got Dekoni Hybrid pads on my HD6XX with an upgraded xlr connector. I feel that they have definitely changed the sound(slightly) for the better.

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I have the Dekoni Hybrids too and i like them more than the stock Pads, especially coz the stock pads were squeaking when when im moving my head. that was somewhat annoying.

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Im not an expensive hi fier, so once I hit the 650s and a nice litle amp I decided that was good enough for me :slight_smile: Especially with just a tiny bit of eq…Don’t care what the enthusiasts say.


I have the HD650 and I love them. After trying 600s and 660s which were a little bit intense for me and more forward sounding, Hifiman Sundara and LCD2C, I decided that 650s had the sound that I caught myself enjoying more the music and not super-analyze the highs the lows etc… I am enjoying them with Aune X7s through balanced custom cable and RME ADI-2 DAC. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended the Aune for 300ohm headphones.


You have a great attitude about hifi. It would cost I believe double or more in $ to hear a significant difference from what the HD650 are.


These are absolutely fantastic for the price. They aren’t all that hard to drive and the sound is great. These are my daily drivers at home, comfortable for hours at a time.

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Welcome to the forums! Tell us more, how are the mids? Clamping force?

The clamping force is tight but it opens up with use, either that or your head molds to it :grinning:

The mids are the nicest part of these headphones, very good for guitar driven music or listening to voice such as a TV show.


Hi, after about an Year very low to moderate usage of HD6XX, I have started getting hot ears since the last three evenings I have tried to use the HD6XX. Is this normal? Do I need to change something? Never had issue before and I have not changed anything in the way and the place I listen on the headphones.

Please help and provide your experience with such an issue.

Perhaps your pads are wearing out? Do your ears get hot by just having them on, or is it only when you have them plugged in? I would be very surprised if it was anything besides your pads wearing out

Ive been statically shocked by my hd 650s before lol

try dekoni ear pads, they are more comfy

padrolling 650s is very controversial lol


Padrolling most sennheisers is controversial lol

I figure this is the best thread to ask since the HD6XX is sonically identical to the HD650. I have a THX AAA 789 on the way. I’ve never owned an amplifier or DAP with a balanced output before. Is it worth the money to get a balanced cable for the HD6XX with my 789, or even the single-ended output has enough power?

The single ended has enough power to drive these. You can get a balanced cable for better channel separation (although the difference will be hard to discern) and it will also give the headphones more head room in terms of power, that is you won’t need to turn it up as much.