Share snapshots of your present ENDGAME =D

One of them…


Posted already on r/audiophile, but why not here as well :smiley:

This my current system, consisting of following components:

Speakers: Revel Performa3 F206

Subwoofer: SVS SB1000

Amplfiers : Ioatavx SA3+PA3

DAC: Soncoz SGD1

Record player : Audio-Technica AT-LPW40WN

Power filter/conditioner : Taga Harmony PF-2000

Speaker cables: Taga Harmony PLATINUM-18-16C

RCA cables: Nedis branded

Digital music via Roon

How does it sound? Great :smiley: These are my first floor standers and the difference between the scale of the sound and the bass output between my previous bookshelves is massive. Feels more like a wall of sound. Overall I am very pleased, especially since I got those speakers on sale as they were a demo model in a local Hi-fi shop.

(Bookshelves that I have used - Dali Zensor 3, Klipsch RP600M, KEF LS50 Meta)

What next? More space would be nice. Speakers are front ported but still would deserve more room and also the sitting position should be further away. Also, they would deserve a higher-end amp. I am interested in something with tubes, at least a tube pre-amp stage. Schiit Freya+ and 2xVidar would be nice. Also would love to try an R2R DAC.


So many great options out there!!

The cans are ADX 5000’s…I have D8000 Pros that I like very much as well.

Gone thru many, many itererations. Bought and sold, and bought and sold…many really good products
but these have hung around for awhile…

I test everything against these units…

Latest acquision was a NOS Dac from MHDT, their Orchid…

Fun times here!



This is straight up pornography. When I actually set up my listening rig I’ll post some pics. Some of y’all got some crazy set ups.


My endgame bluetooth headphones…