Show me your backside

I’m pretty anal-retentive when it comes to my wiring. Figured I’d share a very private picture with you guys, curious to see what you’ve got. Tips comments from experts always welcomed. This is a lot of “theory” put into practice within limits obviously, but trying reaaaally hard here to keep low away from hi signals and everything as far away from power cabling as much as possible. All cables are shielded, half of them are DIY projects.


THAT looks really good, well organized. I want to know where you picked up those little blue tie wrap thingies or at least what they are called please.

Also the black box on the bottom right side, is this a surge protector or some sort of conditioner and what’s up with the thin cables going into it, what do they terminate to? a wall outlet? I can’t tell what that is…
Lastly what is the silver box on the lower right too?

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My wife found those things, on Amazon, I orders about a dozen after I had stolen most of hers. They’re fantastic and they have a metal wire insert so they can be shaped and hold their shape very well.

The black box is a LPS, for bench electronic work, they’re way cheaper than paying the “audipohile” tax on beautiful machined aluminum units. Basically found in technical shops or HAM radio shops. The silver box is an ELAC Discovery Roon streamer that feeds into my DAC. The thin wire from the LPS is to feed 12v into that.

I live in a semi rural area and the power from the transformer at the pole across the street feeds 3 homes that are all 100 yards or so apart. My home was custom built back in the 50s but they used high end electrical connection, 200 amp power fuse box back in the day which was a lot. But it’s the standard today. The filter connects to an outlet at the back wall and the Ethernet cable that feeds into the ELAC streamer is run to a Wi-Fi hot spot that’s plugged to a different circuit.

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Did you make the speaker cables? Nice work if you did! I’d love to try a weave some day, those are put together very well. Belden cabling?

umm… when you have like +650ft of different cables in one room (power, power strips, remote plugs, signals for 13 speakers + rerouting signal between subs and speakers, internet networks and speakers network cables, digital and analog signals from sources etc etc etc)…
No way in hell. They ever be nice and tucked.
No way.
If someone has seen Zeos’s moving video where he removes the cables… thinking that’s a lot of cable. Nope. it ain’t.
Like i had to take extra power from other room with 50ft thick ass power cable just to power my sub’s and not to blow the main fuses. :smiley:


Pine Tree Audio made the speaker, power, coaxial, and subwoofer splitter w/ ground in the picture. Husband and wife team. They make great stuff and the prices are hard to beat. They can do almost anything custom as well.


Thank’s for posting Pine Tree audio, i had not run across them before

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my caboose is more than you can manage.


I’ve made no attempt whatsoever to separate power from signal cables. Most of the spaghetti is out of sight between a wall and a piece of furniture. My goal in cabling is to avoid twisting, snagging, or sharp bends. If a cable can hang loose and free or run comfortably around obstacles, I’m happy. There should be as little tension as possible.

Home office, top to bottom: Olasonic CD transport, SH-8 headphone amp, SU-8 DAC, Denon PMA-60 speaker amp. Cables include Crutchfield speaker wire, Schiit PYST XLR, and AudioQuest Forest USB and optical.

A partial side view of the living room/main listening rig.

Two top-view shots of same. Top to bottom left side: passive XLR preamp, Cavalli tube hybrid, Liquid Platinum, Ares II, NAD CD player.

Top to bottom right side: 4 in/3 out RCA switch with BT, Archel2 Pro (under the remote). At far right is an A 20 amp, and behind it is a 1 in/2 out passive RCA switch. A 5 port USB charger is out of view between the CD player and the A 20. Cables include a Blue Jeans high-flex digital coax for DAP-DAC connectivity, and a bunch of generic XLR and RCAs.


Been too lazy to pull out my velcro straps cause the desk itself is clean but this is what under my desk looks like


MY cabling OCD can’t take it. Keep it coming! LOL. @AllegroMaestoso that spooled up speaker cable in your second pic makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just looking at it! Something about coiled up cable with an electric current running through it creating a magnetic field an such. :slight_smile:

In the grand scheme of things who know how much actual impact it’s having on your sound, but years of hands on work installing cellular phones and radios back in the day, I’d offer to go to your house and re-wire your shit just for a meal and a couple beers .


Reminds me of a Jackson Pollock. :wink:

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I wanted to try out the Matrix Audio USB interface thingy and a SPIDF splitter to see what it’s like to connect 4 DAC’s via SPIDF inputs. I also wanted to try out P50 linear power supply to my Project prebox S2 DAC. I took apart my whole desktop and paired it down to 2 Sugden Amps, an old Headmaster class A HP/pre-amp and an FPA-4 class A speaker amp.
This was a very worthwhile experiment and has allowed me to really compare DAC’s and listen to the differences between each much better than I have been able to do in the past. I am so thankful to M0N for the input and recommendations on different parts of this kit.
Now go ahead and have fun ripping into my sad cabling organization :joy: and lack of separation between power and RCA cables…LOL. It’s allot harder to keep things nicely separated than some folks make it look.


Not shabby at all. Keeping the AC cables exactly the lenght needed and no more is one of the best ways to reduce introduced noise. You got some perfect fits there. :+1:t2:

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Yeah, I have been listening to and paying attention when I read to what you much smarter than I types say, so when I order wires, power cords, cables etc. I now buy multiple lengths of each same style because I never know what I’m gonna come up with next so that way I can try and pick and choose better according to the situation at hand. It gets expensive but I have NO NOISE and NO issues with wiring at all having stuff like this on hand. Makes for an overall much more enjoyable experience when coming up with new ways to play with this stuff :+1:t2:

Some tidying up of my backside with the recent additions. A/B switch for the BP DAC. Under the bench… OCD visual clutter. The RCA out of the BP DAC goes into an A/B switch I made a bit back and then the goes to the line in of the Crack and the Freya. Neat and tidy. :slight_smile:


My desktop cabling. There’s just way too much stuff to keep everything super tidy but at least everything is coiled and up off the floor.


Here it is, bare for all to see.

Funny though, just noticed scrolling through the thread, you can see the evolution of my stereo system as I “rewire” stuff cause, upgrades. I try to practice what I preach. Best practice wiring techniques. They work and it looks pretty, so a win/win. No obscenely expensive cables either. All either home made or scavenged for bargains.


This hurts me greatly. Now let’s look at my shame.

Not audio cause im portable only.