Show your listening space!

I don’t think we have a thread that talks or shows our listening spaces.

I’ve got nothing to share currently as my desk is a mess and it’s being torn down this weekend for our move. I won’t have a dedicated area for listening still…but I might be able to make my room a listening space…for headphones and maaaybe my Kanto stuff.


Share snapshots of your present ENDGAME =D ?
Pretty much the same.


well…since we have a thread…perhaps edit it’s title to something about listening spaces rather than endgame and delete this one. :wink:


Until this thread is deleted… here is mine (sorry for the bad photo).


Well what do you want the topic to be lol. Also you should be able to change the title yourself

@M0N there is a thread that’s called ‘present ENDGAME’ that is doing exactly what this one was meant for. so I was thinking a title refresh for the ENDGAME thread that makes it more obvious it’s about showing your listening spaces, since it’s had a lot of action already.

or we can carry on here :slight_smile:

Not really going to change the title of a massive constantly posted to thread, if anything this thread is the one that would be changed imo

well…this one doesn’t need to be changed. I was just thinking of eliminating a possibly duplicate thread as the title is more on target with what was going on in the ENDGAME one. :wink:

My corner of the living room:

  1. End table for lamp, phonecharger, drink holder, etc.
  2. Lazy boy in the middle facing large TV screen and door/windows.
  3. Audio desk/cabinet holding all the goodies.

Nice bright spot. Pretty much as good as you’ll get in an apartment.


what is your music source at that spot?

how many bedrooms is your apartment?

Sony NW-ZX300 DAP feeding into an SMSL SU-8 DAC, feeding into several amps.

Apartment is two bedroom. We use the second one as an office/storage room. Nice, large apartment at about 1,300 SF.

sheesh. that’s a third bigger than the two story suite we have in the house we’re renting, LoL!

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Leave the thread and the title alone, this thread has lazyboys, that’s different and more relaxing than the endgame thread. Also a second place to share photos, what’s the point to having all this stuff if you can’t share/show it off to like minded friends :muscle:

Also, here’s the left side of the desk at the moment…


mein got. :dizzy_face:

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Got a seat right on top of my bed, about a foot away from my speakers. Speaker sessions always go to there, headphone sessions either on the chair or just laying in bed


That’s fucking genius and a great way to make the most of the space you have at hand for yourself :clap: :clap: :clap: Bravo Jose!


I find Nick’s nook delightful, but mine is the polar opposite. A single mid-fi headphone connected straight to an aging MacBook via the stock cable, used interchangeably in a few different locations within my home.

It’s what goes on inside the laptop that’s the heart and soul of my fusty little world:

For the past three years I’ve been on a seemingly endless journey to refine frequency response via EQ. I live in a very alien world to the majority on this forum. You should probably kick me out, grin. (Although, if I could find a good DAP with an equal or better EQ capability, I’d happily switch to that.)


how many bands do you want?

31 if graphic, at least 10 if parametric.

what’s the dif exactly?