Shuoer Tape (P1 Killer?)

Anyone tried these?

BGGAR said it beats P1 in details and has bass and soundstage. I was so pleased with my P1 I caved in immediately and ordered a set.


I don’t have them yet (and will have to wait because of Golden Week), but yeah, as soon as I heard “P1 detail with bass and soundstage” I was in. Cheaper pricepoint and non-standard driver configuration piqued my interest, too.

I totally love my P1’s, but this has me intrigued and waiting for a full review. Also an electrostat at this price and size, IEM innovation seems to of really accelerated …

Yes, I ordered a set this morning as well. Love the P1 so really excited to hear these!

These and the Fearless DD/Blon 03 are on my short list. I will prob. buy both when I can, I just hope I’m not too late etc. lol

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gonna be quite a few of these shipping out next week.

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As someone who owns the p1 like some of you here I enjoy them as they are my daily driver since my u12t are being fixed. Since I listen to them mostly on a portable level they do need the high gain and max volume to get decent volume. Now, I ordered the shouer tape and from what I heard I would likely use them for my daily commute. I look forward to hearing them and hearing all of your impressions as well.

New vid from BGGAR comparing them against the P1s

Got an update from aliexpress saying that my order has been shipped on Friday. Which is a nice surprise because I was under the impression that the whole China shuts down from 1st to 7th of Oct. Can’t wait!

Mine are in country and should deliver tmro


I got mine in yesterday, and I’m putting them through their paces this weekend. I can say that, right off the bat, these are pretty much what I wanted the P1 to be. MUCH larger soundstage and far superior sub-and-mid bass response for me, while keeping that crazy sense of “I’m INSIDE the recording”. I can’t make a direct comparison, since I gave Z my P1s for the yardsale, but yeah. If you don’t have the P1 and want something with crazy detail (that isn’t sibilant or like driving icepicks into your ears), these should be on your radar. They are also FAR easier to drive to listenable levels and the fit is akin to Campfire’s Andro-style housings (looks weird, but comfy in small-to-medium ears).
I’m not going to say endgame, because we constantly move forward with tunings and tech and everyone has different opinions, but I can say that I would be comfortable with these as my all-rounders and Daily Drivers for the foreseeable future. I also need more tine to do A/B testing, but IMO the Blon BL-03’s have these beat for overall value. They strike me as a similar sound overall, but these seem to have better overall finesse and staging, and are definitely a better overall package. Take that with a grain of salt, though, as I’ve had both for less than a week. Beware of over-hyping, but these definitely deserve some real praise!
Edit: I’ve been listening to them while chilling in a local winery, and I legit just lost ~2 hours listening to them because I’ve just been enjoying my music. IMO, that’s the real test of quality.


Do you have any other iems to compare to? I am pretty interested in these just for the novelty lol. I don’t really want to go all in for iems until they start to hit their peak and stabilize

Anything you want to know in particular? Of the units I have on hand at the moment, I could compare them to:
Campfire Andromeda, Polaris V1, Nova, Lyra II
Ikko OH-1, OH-10
Moondrop Kanas Pro
TFZ No.3
Blon BL-03
Source would be either PC->JDS Labs The Element, or Cowon Plenue D. Lemme know if there’s any specifics you’re curious about, I should have some time tonight or tomorrow to do some A/B with one or two sets if you want. I will warn you, though, I don’t have “golden ears” and I’m not the best at describing dynamics/timber/[insert audiophile description here]. My hearing also drop off dramatically around 15khz.

Ah, a comparison with the oh-10 would be helpful. At the moment I really don’t have many iems, but I do have the oh-10s

I’ll try to do some A/B tonight and report back what I think. In the meantime, if you have any particular tracks that you want me to A/B, either post them up here or DM me. Otherwise, I’ll just do based off of my own library.

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Whatever you want to do is just fine :+1: Thanks for taking the time

Alright, I put some time in and here’s what I’ve got:
-Tape a little more power-hungry, not by much though (maybe at 7:30-7:45 vs 7:00 for OH10 on a volume dial)
-OH10 inherently warmer, with smoother treble. Not muddied by comparison, but a lessened sense of clarity (OH10 is a laid-back, chill sound vs Tape is more balanced, exciting)
-Tape will rattle your eardrums on Sub-bass heavy tracks, OH10 will move the fricking Earth
-OH10 hits all the time with Sub and Mid-bass, Tape only cranks it up when it’s in the track. Tape is never bass-light, but not bass-heavy either.
-Soundstage width about the same, but Tape more holographic imaging? More precise and natural feeling of positioning/better separation of instruments.
-Tape feels like it has more vocal presence, but vocals are similar on the two as a whole (I’m not a mid-head, so take that with a grain of salt. I would take someone else’ word on vocal voicing over my own).
-Percussion is great on either, but Tape takes the lead in cymbal timbre and shimmer.
-Electric guitar bites/shreds better on the Tape. Commands your attention more.
-Strings (violin, cello, upright bass) about even on both just with the respective voicing of each (warmer OH10, more sweet and vibrant Tape)
-Woodwinds/horns also about even, see above ^^^
Conclusion: Both are an absolute pleasure to listen to, and everyone is a winner. I think that the OH10 plays a little better with bass-heavy material (Electronic and Hip-Hop, some R&B)
while the Tape would be my go-to for pretty much anything else. I would be perfectly happy with either one, but if I had to keep only one, it’d probably be the Tape.

Gear used to test: PC->JDS labs The Element (volume-matched the best I could do by hand and ear)
Spiral Dot tips
stock cables

Albums used to test: Mariya Takeuchi - Love Songs (City Pop)
LiL Ω JaBBA - GROTTO (Dubstep/Concept album)
Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes (Fusion/Guitar virtuoso)
Seth Macfarlane - No One Ever Tells You (Vocal Jazz/Big Band)
Madness - One Step Beyond (Ska/Two-tone)


Perfect, thank you, very helpful

Thanks for that, appreciate the comparison. Sounds like what I want. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

Thanks much for this. I love the OH10’s sound signature, fit, and finish. Truly wonderful iems. My Tapes just arrived but I’ve not had a chance to use them yet… Really excited and appreciate your impressions!