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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Open Back

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I want to say I ordered these as soon as I was made aware of them.

and THESE.


Quick Sound impressions: Pretty warm sound signature. The whole frequency response sounds really smooth. Bass is punchy and well extended. Mids are bit forward. So far I’m really liking the sound.

Comfort: The comfort is not very good unfortunately. The pads are paper thin. My ears press up against the drivers and gets uncomfortable after 20 minutes.

Build is very solid.

As far as sound goes I’m very pleased with them but the comfort ruins it.

Edit: These do not fit me very well. The headband is small and put all the pressure right on my temples. Do not recommend for people with big heads.


Real wood cups? Or wood look plastic?

It’s hard to tell honestly. Sivga says it’s real

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Figured out how to remove the pads.


It’s real wood I just took them apart to see



It looks like you might be able to remove the pad from that adapter, might be able to put some thicc bois on there?

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got these today too, yea the comfort is pretty bad small headband, not much room for adjustments and pads are kinds small and get uncomfortable for me to wear after about 30 minuets.


You are gonna hate the comfort out of the box

I noticed Sivga always has small earpads… I have to stretch the earpads from the inner side to make them more “roomy”.

I will be getting my Phoenix soon too, will also review them. Sivga is an impressive company, so I’m interested to hear how they sound

It wasn’t the size of the ear hole cut out that bothered me. It was the thinnest of the pads.


Did you try a pad swap?
i changed mine on my 006 it made a world of difference in terms of comfort

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I see. We need to figure out which pads could be used for swapping. So if somebody already witched them, say which ones you put on (and also where you got them, and maybe the price)


I did but the headband was so small that it put all the pressure on my temples. If the earcups were able to move freely under the part that connects the headband to the earcup then that wouldn’t have been a problem.

I find the comfort the exact opposite. I like if the touching happens evenly. Plus I bent the shit out of the headband to make the clamp less and the angle of attack different.

You either gotta not touch my ears at all or cradle them lovingly. These do the latter. Comfort 10/10.


Not sure if you can see how I bent it. But the lesser clamp and sharper in-turn at the bottom of the headband ends helped dramatically. If your ears being touched bothers you. These may not be the best. But like the Takstar Pro82 and Cooler-Master MH751, these feel great.


He’s bendin’ it boys… Seems like we’ll be expecting bad news… for my wallet…

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