Spirit Torino Valkyria

Certainly look different…




Wow. I don’t know what amazes me more, the headphones or the cable.

Are these yours?

No lol it came through on one of my feeds and yes that cable :+1:

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I hate how little there is about these on the internet. The company must be very closed when it comes to marketing, because I saw absolutely no marketing of these.

Spirit Torino truly feels like the Koenigsegg in the headphone world.

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I did start a thread on Spirit Torino’s a year or so ago…

More Spyker I reckon :man_shrugging:

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I said Koenigsegg because I think they share a similar exclusivity & status.

Just :exploding_head:

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Spyker example…C8 air vent :+1:

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Yeah outside of Italy there is basically zero marketing. They are much more present on italian forums tho, oftern answering questions.
Also this is is a “no-compromises” money no object headphone and will have a very limited production, and they will all be custom products tailored ot the buyer, so expect even less marketing. So far we don’t know the price, but i think it will be around 5K euros? could be more.


Aha! So you are comparing the design. I definitely can see the resemblance.

You are referring to the Valkyria, correct?

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This doesn’t sound too crazy tbh, especially if it is custom tailored.


Yeah it will be in the realm of a Susvara as far as price goes. Also very curious, since i read someone who as actually tried a prototype of it and will be selling his Susvara and Vérité closed to buy the Valkyria. Maybe i will get to hear it in autumn at a Hi-Fi convention in Italy? Depends on how fast the vaccination will go, but i think that by autumn we will be at a good enough situation where conventions and events will re-open.


I think Spirit Torino puts in a lot of work in their headphones. Their products feel handcrafted and individually tailored. Companies like Hifiman feel commercial, so for some reason I would expect the Spirit Torino products to be of better value.

But then again, I never heard a Spirit Torino headphone. I don’t know how they hold their value and how they perform for their price.

I have heard their entry level model, the Superleggera. I have posted my impression of them here:

TL;DR: a Beats-sounding headphone but with sibilant voices and the details of a HD660S for 1600 euros. To say that i didn’t liked them would be an understatement.
I disliked every single song i listened with them, and found no reedming qualities in their sound tuning, it just sounded wrong on so many levels.
They were also pretty uncomfortable because of the pads used, but i heard they changed them and now they should be much better.

This is their closed back model which also is a bass cannon, but looking ad the graph i would say the Superleggera wouldn’t be too far from this graph: just wrong and wonky.

Now i can’t comment on their other headphones since i never heard them, but reading a bit online it seems that basically no one has the superleggera, they all have the Twin Pulse which is like “the real deal” and should be a much more balanced sounding headphone. I hope i get to listen to it in the future, i want to believe that what i listened to was either a defective pair or just a very bad headphone that was more of a “failed experiment” and as such is not representative of the brand sound signature.


Now this is a shock.

With brands like Spirit Torino it’s either a hit or miss. It’s either a truly and really passionate team behind the products, or it’s the opposite end that makes it seem like a scam.

You have artisan companies that are either truly artisan or are fake artisan.

This is one of the cases where the products look incredibly judging from the looks, but you have to confirm whether you get the same sound performance… looks fool very easily, and I have to say that their headphones look nuts, so I would imagine they sound good.

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That is exactly what i thought the moment i first saw them.
And to hear that thay sounded that bad was certanly a surprise, but then again i could not find online any review of the Superleggera when i heard them, so maybe they really are the “black sheep” which no one bought. Or maybe i just had a defective pair.
Again, i would like to be proven wrong since surely there is effort in their products and would be a waste to have handcrafted and premium feeling headphones that sound, to put it simply, like shit.

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Might be your lucky day. A guy from The Headphones Community got several models for a demo. Maybe you can ask him:

He just so happens to have the Super Leggera

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Cool, i’ll se what he thinks of them. Thanks for the link!

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Just assuming no one has heard these here? The head-fi thread reminds me of a certain Justin Timberlake SNL song…

Has anyone OTF has this set or spent a substantial amount of on head time? This set of cans seems to be the least covered and most exotic currently on the market? The headfi thread is a bit strange in that there are a few owners and their reviews/feedbacl are odd. The list price is 12k EUR or $14.5k USD which is pretty much top of the market for pricing but actual pricing is hush hush in the owners had to negotiate directly with manufacturer and did not disclose actual pricing.

The build quality appears to be grado + some italian flare. Very strange set of cans indeed.

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