Test your hearing (or headphones) with SineGen!

This is a smol 237kb .exe sinewave generator. Also works on linux!

Useful, to test your hearing, or test your headphones.
My hearing is better than I thought!

1: Lower your master volume.
2: Press “power”. You now hear a frequency.
3: Move the “frequency” slider (left), or choose the notes! To hear frequencies from 15hz to 30 000hz.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2i5bc2x1a6gnlyt/SineGen.exe/file
The link is from Zeos, under this review.


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P.S.: My cat did not like it when I tried this with open-backs. :stuck_out_tongue:


For true levels of hearing, visit the local Doctor and take a medical hearing test.
Levels and tones are those that really test hearing.

There are many and many tests for fun.

Yeah, I make sure to visit the ear doctor guy (I can’t remember the official name) a few (prob around like 3-4) times each year

This one is Made in Germany and you can use it via Smartphone.

They also offer the option of using an app to tonally adjust some headphones to your hearing problems.
As far as I know, this should also work with Spotify in the streaming area.


Been using sinegen for a while now to identify peaks in headphones and whatnot, also my hearing goes up to 18k

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I mean, that’s exactly what SineGen does.
The only hearing test I did was random beeps at random volumes and they only told me “your hearing is ok”.

With SineGen, I actually can hear everything I want, and now I know I could hear 1000-to-1500hz frequencies better, especially with my right ear, because it sounds more or less 3dB lower, and I can hear 16khz. Tested with two different sound cards and two different pairs of headphones.

I’m not saying it replaces the doctor, but for me, it did better than the doctor.
I don’t need to know more anyway. :man_shrugging:

audiologist. my job requires me to do this twice a year. as far as i can tell its bs lol…

Lol, I make sure to go to one that actually knows his stuff

its military. they would never admit my hearing is f’d…

pretty sure they just reset my baseline every year…

And it is exactly why should take a proper hearing test, under the surveillance of medical professionals and with their test gear… if you want to know. That is.

Even one of Zeos’s “mods” (not M0N and not here) did not understand the meaning of medical hearing test.
He did not even know how to calibrate the level to what is needed so the test would actually be even close to truth… changed the volume levels so he could hear “more” and changed headphones and… it was a nightmare to have that conversation.
Like with a retard. “Im not going to doctor, im scared and dont need it” and so on.

These online things are just for fun and has no truth with the real deal.
Levels, gear, enviroment are all different… than it should be.

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Lets keep it civil and not be rude lol (also it wasn’t me I know what the difference between a proper hearing test is)

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Nope, not in here. :wink:
Just by seen what and how you type, you are totally different person.

The point is. There are people who have no clue what the differences are.
To take a valid test, you have to take valid test.


Yeah, obviously, especially if you work in audio, I would not rely on that.
Blind testing in an anechoic chamber is obviously better than SineGen.exe, lol!

My two cents… there are all kinds of hearing “issues” that cannot be identified by a casual hearing test. Even the medical level tones test given by a general hearing test are only good as a baseline. My wife suffers from ringing at whistling range frequencies that cause her a lot of discomfort. Things like that require specialized knowledge to diagnose not a hearing test given at a clinic.

Would be interesting to start a poll to see how members of the community fare in terms of hearing range (at least just a rough gauge, no need for it to be a full doctor’s report). And to find out how many of you guys have killed your ears listening to too many headphones. Lol

Apparently there’s a new “software” category, would be appreciated if a mod could move this thread there. :slight_smile:

I think you should be able to change the category just by where you edit the title @LeDechaine, but lemme do it real quick if that isn’t the case

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D’oh! Thanks!