The best IEM $300 and below?

Of course, you want to get as much info and perspective as you can. There are a few jvc threads on here

Here are also some reviews that come to mind

Lol sorry about that, they are pretty nice

well my ears tend to thank you for your recs even if my wallet doesn’t

Fair enough lol

I have seen some people say they are very detailed but not that musical and how they wouldn’t reach for them if they just want to relax and listen. That is the only part I see that is kind of a turn off, as I have the AD2000x, and own them just for the insane highs and vocals but wouldn’t reach for them as a daily driver.

Hmmm. I think it would depend on the filter used. I think with stock filter I would agree, but with the other relaxed filter it gets a fair bit better for me to where I could personally just chill with them, but it depends on the person. I don’t think they are as bright as the ad2000x imo, not that similar to it

Also here is a smaller thread on the fourms about them

Well my good sir, you sold me on them. Just bought them. Looking forward to my first good pair of IEM’s.


Nice. Always looking for fellow owners on these. I think you will be happy with them.

Did the JVC’s end up replacing the Andros completely for you?

No, but I don’t think anything in my collection ever gets completely replaced. I think the Andromedas are more capable, and if I wanted to sit down for some critical listening I would probably reach for them first. But I think I prefer the JVCs as an all-rounder for when I am up and about and not necessarily listening off of my best desktop gear. I’ve seen it described as neutral, but it is not a boring neutral if that makes sense?

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For sure, people describe the HD600 family as neutral, and they are definitely not boring imo. The JVC owners seem pretty happy with their purchase from what I can tell.

I’m mainly a headphone guy, and I have been struggling with a headphone to compare the JVCs to. This is a weird one, but I would most closely compare them to the Fostex Ebonies I bought from Drop a few years back. They don’t sound alike, but if I wasn’t sure what to listen on these would be among the first I’d grab. I can’t think of too many scenarios they wouldn’t work, and just about anyone I have let try them has been blown away, similarly to the Fostex.

Got them in, listening to them all day on my THX AAA 887 to see what they can do. They are great with detail, slightly veiled to my ear though on the vocals. Bass impact is great, but the quantity of it is kinda low for me. I am using the Blue Ringed tips as well. I like them a lot and will be keeping them, but I am out to search for something that can do bass/electronic/techno a little better. :slight_smile:

Try using an iem tip with a narrower nozzle. The Spiral Dots that come equipped tend to emphasize the treble. That may remove the veil you hear as well

They do have a bit of a burn in period, they should improve a bit more with time. Also experiment with tips and filters as @Onaha suggests

Try using some Final Audio E Tips to bring up the low end. Be warned you’re going to get a darker signature if you do so, but you’ll get slightly more low end. There’s more of a mid-bass focus on these so you’re not going to get the thump you’re looking for in the sub-bass region without EQ.

Already tried all the tips, and the small ones are the best for me. Still need more though. Guess i’m just hard to please.

So what portions of the sound are lacking, and what do you not mind or want to keep

Bass impact is great, but want more depth with it. Would love the highs to be more detailed. Just a little more energy from them. Feel like i’m not getting the “Excitement” like I do with my Aeolus.

Maybe an OH1 or OH10, v shaped…