The DEALS thread

Some pretty good deals on Beyerdynamic’s site…

The one I am interested in is the DT770Pro $139,
and with a bundle deal that includes a free extra set of black Beyer pads (normally $39)… To get that bundle deal you add both items to your cart it gives you a $39 discount…


Haven’t heard it yet but thought I should share.

If you’re in the US and you’ve been eying the MMKII - this is a stellar deal.

Killer deal on a really nice cable, NO ear hooks and flat 2 Pin if you want.

Edit: looks like you can ask for ear hooks and modular ends as well seller is very responsive.

C$ 36.33 40%OFF | HAKUGEI Lucky voice headset cable 2.5 3.5 4.4 0.78 mmcx

Oh! Just bought it the other day for $26 after trying the Kuro. I have high hopes it’s a little beefier than the Kuro although, for $16, the Kuro is very similar in aesthetics with fantastic behavior and build quality.

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EarStudio ES100 MK2
10% off, €89

Softears RSV going for $375:


HUGE sale on JVC iems over at Drop:

300 → 130 usd: JVC HA-FD01 IEM | Audiophile | Headphones | Universal IEM Headphones | Drop
350 → 150 usd: JVC HA-FW1000 TWS IEM | Audiophile | Headphones | Wireless IEM Headphones | Drop
600 → 220 usd: JVC HA-FW1800 IEM | Audiophile | Headphones | Universal IEM Headphones | Drop
400 → 120 usd: JVC HA-FW01 Wood Series IEM | Audiophile | Headphones | Universal IEM Headphones | Drop
450 → 180 usd: Drop + JVC HA-FWX1 | Audiophile | Headphones | Universal IEM Headphones


Liquid Spark on sale for $79.99


Email…Drop says free shipping all week.

Wink wink*


Definitely on the higher end of what they’ve been selling for used (highest I’ve seen actually) but with something rare, any listing at all could be an opportunity for someone.

I agree with you - I guess for someone who’s been considering them, these seem fairly brand new and they’re in the states so shipping would take a lot less time - I know I definitely value that and maybe someone else would too!

Plus - there’s always room in the price :sunglasses:

I am also eyeing a set of like new MM on german ebay for 319€ :scream:
That´s such a steal but i just can´t atm

I think that’s a good price for em, brother!

Damn. One day, one day … I suspect there will be more of em on the second hand market in the coming months anyways with the V2 coming out soon so you’re good!


That is what I paid a few years ago. Still have it and love it. Moved it down the hallway to my home office.

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i think the drop prices are so low because if you look at whats included its just “earyips,… or case…” Bt But could be wrong

Are you saying that they dont include the iem?

Because a guy did buy one of them (forgot which one) on head-fi and he got the whole thing.

yea i just looked at some other postings and apparently im a cynical dumbass…so i just bought 3

I didn’t realize the FWX1 cost more than the FW01 (really fun set btw)?

I assumed from other naming schemes that the FWX1 was a more affordable collab of the FW01. There must be other differences.