Thieaudio Legacy 4

Anyone else get theirs or waiting for them to arrive? I’m gonna wait for a day or two to post actual impressions, but out of the box they are quite nice and feel like Thieaudio is really stepping up their presentation. The units themselves are gorgeous, and surprisingly, they actually came with a QC proof (even though they are stated to be channel matched and QC’d from the manufacturer. Other companies take note!).


Man, the T1 Plus and the BL01 got me kinda itchy, I’m very curious about these ones. How would you describe the sound of these??

I’ve still got a lot of time to put on them before I can make any serious impressions, but out of the box (with no changes to switches and using both the supplied silicone tips and SpinFit CP100s), they’re well-balanced with a slightly-bright tilt, IMO. Compared to the Legacy 5 (from memory, currently have them boxed up) they are more detailed than the L5, with tighter yet less-accentuated bass and slightly narrower soundstage with equal-or-better imaging. Very pleasing from the start, but I don’t want the honeymoon phase to temper my impressions too much. I’ll have them on the road with me this week and I’ll try to put out more complete thoughts as I can.


Damn… I just recently picked up the L5’s as a way to upgrade from the L3’s. Now I’m curious about the L4’s…

I think the L4 is closer to the L3 than the L5 tonally, but it really feels like more like the L5 in terms of technical ability. FWIW, I think that the L3 and L5 are an amazing pair that can give you a kind of a “best of both worlds”, where the L3 is exciting and engaging and the L5 is wide, smooth and luxurious. You can’t can’t go wrong with any of them, in my experience.


Good to know, thanks for the impressions man! I will keep an eye on these, but if they’re more relaxed than maybe the L5 is more of what I’m looking for. Although a more energetic presentation that the Tin T2 would be interesting, but let’s see.

Mine were supposed to arrive yesterday but did not. I’m expecting Monday now. I will share photos and impressions. Congrats getting yours so early. :slight_smile:

If you missed it, Chris posted him impressions…


They’re worth the wait.

Damn seems like the L4 is what I was looking for when upgrading from the L3. Might start looking to sell my L5 then! Time to suffer the Linsoul wait time again…

My Linsoul/Thieaudio IEMS…




I’m still getting used to these (and loving every minute of it), but two things definitely spring to mind:

  1. These are not for bassheads. The subbass rise is wonderful and they feel…honest in regards to midbass, but anyone who needs the world to shake 24/7 should look elsewhere
  2. VOCAL CLARITY! I have a lot of music I’m running into where I can hear vocals far more clearly than I ever remember them being before. Metal like Power Trip takes on an almost new life, and feels like you’re present for a performance rather than just listening to a recording IMO.

The L4 is the easiest recommendation out of Thieaudio’s line up.

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Seems like Thieaudio have become the new TinHifi.


I have a question I’m wondering between two IEMs which to get for Christmas the Massdrop JVC HA-FDX1 or these Thieaudio Legacy 4s what I’m looking most is comfort and a can play female vocals and movie soundtracks the best I never had IEMs just Sennheiser 6xx

I think it is safer to go for the L4. The FDX1 is a bit risky due to having a very prominent upper midrange, with a peak at 4 KHz. A lot of female vocals can sound very shouty if no DIY modifications are made. Full disclosure, I have not heard the L4 yet.

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if anyone could tell me the nozzle diameter for tips that would be v.helpful, i’m presuming it’s the same as the L3 and L5 but just wanted to be sure, i’m gonna be ordering these in a couple of days so i thought i’d order spinfits at the same time, thanks!

I don’t know the exact diameter of the nozzles, but my Spinfit CP100s and SpiralDots (same ones that I used with both the L3 and L5) fit the L4 just fine.

CP100 fit best.

I saw you rank the Mangird Tea pretty high - I’m doing my first foray into hybrid IEMs and am trying to decide between the Legacy 4 ($175) or the Mangird Tea ($250) - I got in on the linsour new years gift card sale. Do you think its enough of a difference to jump in for the Tea over the L4?

I also can get the Blessing 2 for around 250 as well but from most of the reviews/impressions I have seen, it seems its either the legacy 4 or Tea for me. Your thoughts would be really appreciated. Thanks!