Top 10 Speaker brands (Tier list)

Here’s my list for the top 10 speaker companies of today:

  1. Wilson

  2. Magico

  3. Von Schweikert

  4. Y.G. Acoustics

  5. M.B.L.

  6. Wilson Benesch

  7. Raidho

  8. Borresson

  9. Audio Note

  10. Rockport

Who did I miss and why? Let me know your thoughts!

I want a speaker from europe so i can say got something fancy.

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DALI (designed and built in Denmark) would be an option, not too expensive either.


Focal another option :+1:


Elac ist another Option too.When you like a warmer Sound an V shape.

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Only heard of three of the names on your top 10 list. Wilson’s entire industrial design team’s mission statement seems to be to give guys something else really expensive they can buy to make up for their short penis. God awful fugly.



A nice pair of Dynaudios ( the ones I can afford ) would be my end all. I have to agree that wilsons are ugly af lol.

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Bit more in the highend realm of speakers but… Audio Note imo ain’t even near the other ones.
Plus many more are missing. Might be cause you never heard of them ?

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The list overall looks to be very arbitrary.
Just like this one by the same user.

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I know that a lot are high-end, but if you were to offer someone a car or something like that from a number of different manufacturers I doubt that they would put Mitsubishi in there ahead of McLaren, you know what I mean? Who would you knock off and who would you put in their place?

Or they could just design amazing sounding speakers where form follows function??? I love how people accuse others of being insecure about their genitalia when that accusation is obviously derived from an insecurity about the accusers wealth.

wharfendales…UK based make some nice sounding stuff

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Honestly, I would take the Mitsubishi, even if I was offered free gas for life for the McLaren.

Mentioned Audio Note at quick first glance. Like Sonus Faber to replace it, first to pop in mind.
It’s still kinda pointless to make top 10 of highend since there probably are speakers and brands none of us know and could easily be nro 1.
Everyone would have different one and in different order.

Since it is brand question.
Where are the other numerous highend brands that are world known and still missing? :wink:

Some speakers got the sculpture vibe going, what do i know closes ever been to a trade show is the old sound & vision magazine.

Although not euro always wanted those 50k revel salon2 HT in a box if the powerball hits.

CAT audio. individually hand built to order per customer needs. starting at a mere 500k$ and going up to 20m$.

they would be my number 1, but i will never own a pair because 500K$ lol.

I might as well accuse someone of leaving Voxativ off of the list for being anti trangender. It’s not the wealth you see, it’s the vulgarity and hideousity of their design. The big penis comment was a joke, it’s a forum, sometimes things don’t come across as the jokes they are.

Out of curiosity have you auditioned an example of every manufacturer on your list? What criteria are you using to define “top”?

Magnepan, Eggleston, Monitor Audio, ATC, Vivid Audio, Totem Acoustics, Harbeth…there are so many.

Not sure exactly what defines top 10 though. Sound, price, reputation, market share (Bose)?

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Graham Audio, Rogers, Harbeth, ATC, Tannoy, Dynaudio, TAD Labs, APC …
in the end it is a matter of taste

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Well… if anyone here had a vague idea of how many luxurious companies there are on the market, I think they would faint.

Either way, if there is one manufacturer that does deserve some praise, it is TAD Labs. A serious company with serious products. Yes, the price is a bit serious too, but compared to other crazy stuff in the industry, they price their products correctly.

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