🔶 Tripowin X BGGAR Mele

i’ve been looking into tanchjim and moondrop filters for a while and have so far seen these, maybe it can help with cross-referencing the effects:

(filter mod was said to be moondrop filters)


This song i good anytime. One of my favorite straight Guru tracks :fire:


I havent due to the fact that those dampening filters will tame parts of the treble that i don’t want tamed on mele. So far as been seen to tame frequencies right after pinna gain and to my ears, those are tuned perfectly by HBB.

In my opinion, if there was a mod worth doing, would be the opposite. Removing instead of adding layers, so you’d get more extension that is, imo, the only lacking factor of Mele. But so far, there’s nothing like that shown on the internet and this upper treble doesnt even bother me a single bit, so I run stock.

Keep in mind I like darker trebles more and I think Mele is TOTL tuning, but as always, YMMV.


I’m experiencing the same thing no matter what tips I use, also during the days when there’s no moist around. Not a big deal but yes, the smaller the bore the less moisture build-up. I think it’s a material issue with the aluminum shell.

Something worth considering if @hawaiibadboy wants to tune another set! Maybe having steel or resin nozzles would improve this issue.


The Tanchjim Tanya eartips attached to My Mele in this photo with the 4 mm bore size. After I compared these tips with the CP100. I honestly say that Tanya Stock tips is the best sound for me.

The CP100 makes the sound feels more hollow and uncomfortable for me. I used jelly cable, the combination with Tanya eartips, there is a big improvement in all sectors than the stock cables. More bodied tones, more dynamic, and better treble extension.

I’ve tried all the wide bore stock tips from some iem collection in my library. Yes, they can provide a wider stage, but it gets a boring for me because every instrument is a little bit away from my hearing. The sense of impact and punch is reduced. With Tanya stock tips, every instrument and vocal feels more explicit and closer, but the separation is still well separated, even the cymbals and ambience sound in the background are clearer than the other eartips. Vocals are very natural, wide and intimate, as well as more punchy drumset strokes and realistic tones. The bass is full and very deep to the chest, but still smooth and unobtrusive to the mid. All of this makes my head can’t stop shaking. I like being in a music studio with 5 in 1 channel speakers. Mid area on my TFZ no. 3 can be made natural with Tanya eartips because it can reduce the peak in the lower treble area.


Yap, I love those tips. Are mid/vocal centric. They are elecoms it seems.

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Tanya with 4 mm bore tips, mid bass is very bloated to the mid and feels muddy. The wide bore tips is slightly better separation, but still there is too much mid bass and treble too smooth.

Xinhs cables arrived! Went in with 100% assuming it wouldn’t change sound because I got them for looks , durability and feel (8core silver cable btw) and there is actually to my brain a slight difference- for example in many songs the reverb of a voice in a room is audible for longer and more clearly- it feels like soundstage, clarity and detail are actually improved eventhough I assumed no difference and a/B ing as good as I can.


Strange, I haven’t had any issues with condensation buildup with my Mele…I hope Linsoul will respond to you

I had 1 driver dying on me one time, but I unpluged and pluged the cable again and it was all good, just strange.

Keep in mind I don’t EDC Mele. I store all my IEMs in a watch box and they just come out when needed for comparitions or tests. Also we have normal humidity here, nothing like some other countries.


Oh, Rio should have a looot more humidity than Lisbon.

Silica gel bags might help


I’m not interested in modding for the purpose of altering the sound, I’m just wondering if there are decent replacements available for when/if the filter issue occurs.

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Don’t think so, but you gotta ask hbb/linsoul. Try their discord during work days :slight_smile:

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Is that the pure silver or silver plated cable?

Pure silver according to xinhs

I’m watching this until End :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Received my Mele a few weeks back and really enjoyed my time listening to them. Wrote down some of my thoughts here, thought I’d share!

Tip wise, I enjoyed these with JVC Spiral Dots a lot for both its comfort and sound.


Thanks for the review @Perrivan

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Warning/Disclaimer: I have currently no way of graphing/proving what I’m about to say, so take this with a kilobuck worth of salt. The mod is also reversible if you are carefull enough.

Yesterday night I was talking to Michael Bruce as he was trying to mod @paulwasabii 's set. One thing he claimed was that the nozle filter made a difference, and he proceded to change them to Tanya.

I instantly decided to sacrifice my set for science, as I’ve been playing with filters on other IEMs that benefict from it (DQ6 for example). For this experiment I used 3 mods to A/B/C with Spinfits CP100:

  1. Stock mesh;
  2. Tanya’s Filters;
  3. No filter.

To my ears, they only change change an hair, but it’s enough to be audible. My conclusions are, if I’m not placeboing:

  1. Tanya’s filter add treble and tame mid-bass. The end result is a more clear mid-bass, more sub-bass texture, more treble overall (also a, maybe fake, more sense of air), mids get better due to the overall changes;
  2. Without a filter you gain treble but you lose lower frequencies. Mids are also more prominent due to the tuning change.

For me, the sweet spot is with Tanya’s filter. It’s the middle ground and just gives a slight kick on the stock tuning. Keep in mind this don’t change dastrically the IEM in any way, it’s just small things that help to a better presentation, if that’s your preference. Don’t expect for it to turn into a Tribid by changing a filter.

I’m hoping we can get some graphs soon about it. Remember this is all tested by ear and it could be 100% placebo - don’t trust my brain, even I don’t do it.

Thanks for comming to my Ted Talk.


Not only the filter, but the tanya eartips make me very addicted with Mele. My head and body can’t stop shaking. It’s very fun sounding with accurate tone instrument and intimate vocal. Watching podcast video, movie, playing codm, everything i love this set :heart:. Tanya eartips with jelly cable is perfect combination for my taste