Tygr 300r alternatives ?, Tygr 300r sound in hd 560s body


First off i’d like to state already that i am an absolute noob when it comes to audio so i might get some things wrong regarding the sound signatures of a headphone etc.

I am looking for a headphone that has more or less the same sound, soundstage etc, basically everything that the tygr 300r has to offer but in a different headphone shape. Something like the hd 560s

So recently i bought 2 headphones, the Sennheiser HD 560s and the Beyerdynamic Tygr 300r.
I have had a dt 770 pro for a while and really wanted a open back. i first got a dt 990, couldnt really power the 250 ohm’s it needed and instead of going all in and getting a whole amp/dac setup i decided too just look a little further.

So i got the sennheiser first, loved pretty much everything about it, especially the fit. I was surprised by how well it was driving off my motherboard too, a 120 ohm headphone was running louder than my 80 ohm 770 pros and its also a lot louder than the 32 ohm tygrs.

So all was well untill my tygr 300r came in, intitally hated the fit, same with the sound, i was so weirded out by how vocals sounded really quite and a tiny bit muffled, then i learned what mids were and then it all made more sense. After some more listening i noticed that i just forgot what i was doing and was just enjoying the music at that point. The warm tone of the tygrs along with the bass, that for me was perfect. Testing them out in games made me love them even more.

After 1 day of use i started to hate the fit even more tho, i have pretty big ears so there was a constant build up of pressure when i was using the tygr. The HD 560s shape was perfect tho.

So is there even a headphone out there thats basically a tygr but not shaped like the tygrs?

once again what im looking for sound wise, Bass, great soundstage (especially for games) and a nice warm tone.

i have large ears, and virtually nothing is over ear for me. you can try pad swapping the tygr’s to something like brainwaves xl or xxl, depending on how “large” your ears are(one of the only pads that actually goes over my whole ear)

just an option since you already have headphones you like.

edit: you also have dt770’s. what about the tygr’s dont you like, but is ok with the 770’s?

Thank you for the suggestion, that right there might actually be the move and i kinda feel dumb for not even thinking about that lol.

About the dt770s: i had the same problem with the 770s when it came down to comfort and it was a massive oversight on my part that i didnt think of that when i orderd the Tygrs, the fact that pretty much all the beyers have the same fit.

Im gonna give a new pair of pads a try cause right now im really in a weird spot, the fit of sennheiser headphones are perfect for me but soundwise the beyer’s are perfect. wish i could frankenstein and mix those 2 to make the perfect headphone lol.

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Could try Brainwavz micro-suede or XL?
maybe Dekoni pads fit.
Not sure how those affect sound tho…

gotta check sizes and stuff before

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yeah, beyers pretty much all fit the same. my dt880’s i have learned to fit on ear and there not to bad. pads are soft and clamp isnt horrible. dont try to squeeze your ears in.

those were the ones suggested to me when i first got my beyers and was having problems with comfort.

edit: didnt wind up getting them as i found a spot that is comfortable enough with stock pads.

if you need some pad rolling impressions

these seemed good:

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Thanks a lot guys!

Gonna return the HD 560s, Get these or a dekoni pad, i believe Zeos made a video testing out every Dekoni pad made for the beyers so that might help too.

Other than that i do have 1 more question, Should i get an amp and if so then what amp would you suggest?
i noticed while playing some games right now and listening to some more music, sometimes they are pretty quite and other times plenty loud. i cant tell if its the soundstage or them needing a bit more power but after a bit of reading i saw that i wasnt the only one.

again thanks for your help so far guys!

Ah yes that was the video i remember watching some time ago, thanks for the link

that could also be the recording. recordings vary wildly at what db they are recorded at. does it ever happen in just games? games tend to be more even in the volume department then music recordings.

that being said: yes you should get an amp at some point. the amp will sound better then PC amp. and give you a lot more headroom for volume.

that being said, with tygr’s, its not as big of an issue as they are designed for PC amps and audio.

Its a really weird one, i dont really even know how to describe it. Its like when something is close to me in a game, an explosion, gunshot etc. It doesnt sound as loud as i feel like it should be, things that are really close, lets say 1 foot from me sound like they are maybe 5-10 feet away.

I guess it could also just be my brain playing all sorts of tricks on me, when i was using the HD 560s i didnt have that issue tho, everything was very loud.

That actually reminds me, do you or anyone else here have experience with the 58x jubliee ? thats also a headphone i am really interested in but i suck at reading graphs and frequency responses to know if that is somewhat comparable to the tygrs in terms of the bass.

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the 58x has great bass for senn’s, but it wouldn’t be as impactful as the tygr’s. senn’s also have very small sounstages. the tuning of the different headphones is most likely what your experiencing.

do you typically listen close to max volume?

edit: i ask the volume question, because if you listen close to max volume, there may not be enough juice for dynamic effects. ie explosions, gun shots ect that are suppose to be louder then average. if your close to max by default, not much room for dynamics.

Okay thats actually really good to know, thank you.

About the volume, I usually have my windows volume at around 20-30 on normal headphones, on the tygrs its more around 40. I havent gone much higher than that cause the setup that i have right now starts causing some problems. I have it connected to my microphone for the mic monitoring. I’m gonna have them run off my mobo on higher volume to see if that fixes it :slight_smile:
But other than that its all sorted out thanks to you guys, gonna get new pads and an amp.

your noticing the tuning difference then. your amp has plenty of juice for your needs.

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I bought both the Tygr 300 and the Sennheiser 599 this week. I have been using the Beyerdynamic 990pro since 2013 and was looking for something that I could run with the PS5 and Xbox Series X controller. In addition, I bought my first replacement pads for the 990pros after 8 years. I was surprised that the volume of the Tygr 300 32 Ohm has not turned out much larger than the 990pro 250 Ohm. The Sennheiser with its 50 ohms plays again significantly louder than the two Sennheisers. The test was performed without a separate amplifier. For music playback, I used my OnePlus6 and Tidal and, as mentioned at the beginning, the PS5 and XBSX controllers. The sound of the Sennheiser is much closer to the Beyerdynamic than I expected. So I would recommend the 599 if you are looking for that sound signature.

Maybe the quantitative comparison on Rtings with the 990pro will help (the Tygr is tuned a bit milder in the treble):

Yeah i was really surprised by the lack of volume on the tygrs too, i guess in my mind i saw 32 ohms and thought that it was gonna destroy my ear drums.

I will for sure buy the 599 and give it a try, thanks for the suggestion.

If I understand it correctly, the impedance is only part of the story. Sensitivity also plays a big role in how much amplification a headphone requires. The sensitivity of the 560s is much higher (110 dBSPL) than that of the Tygrs (95 dBSPL). @MazeFrame made a very nice write-up that I’ll link below.
If I did the math correctly, the HD560s lands at 0.316V/0.0026A while the Tygr lands at 3.07V/0.1A.
So, if I am not mistaken, I think that means that the Tygrs are harder to drive than the HD560s

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God the audio world is complicated yet fascinating :exploding_head:

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Hey there, I’m heavily considering getting one of these 3 headphones (TYGR 300 R, DT 990, HD 599) and would like to know your opinion between all 3 if possible, in terms of both comfort and sound. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey David,

imho you should keep your comparison between the TYGR 300 and HD 599. But as always it depends on your personal taste and use case. Comfort is very subjective and is depending on the shape of your head. I feel a slight pressure on my jaw line from the TYGR and i am not the biggest fan of the headband from the 599, your impression could be very different. I’m still in the process to decide which i prefer. The TYGRs are a more easy to listen and to drive to headphone compared to the 990s

Some video reviews i would consider to watch:

Around the 8 minute mark is a frequency comparasion between 990pro and TYGR 300:

Do you have any previous headphones you can consider as your point of reference or sound signature you would like to hear?