Unofficial - What you want Zeos to review thread

I’ll start with the following gear:

Maggie LRS - $650

Swans M5A - $1600

Zu Audio Dirty Weekends - $1000 - $1400

Tekton Double Impact - $3000

Spatial Audio M3 / M5 Sapphire - $3000 - $5000

Phonitor X - $2500

Violectric V280 - $1200

SMSL M400 - $800

Emotiva HC-1 - $1400 monoblock pair

Adcom GFA-565se - $1500

Buchardt A500 active - $3500

Buchard A700 - $5500


Because it is all the power you could ever need.


This. The Decware DM945. Under a 1000. American made.
Or any of Decware’s amps and stuff


No products in particular but any chance of watching you do some tube rolling?


Cerwin Vega products.

Like XLS-6, XLS-215, subs and other products they have.

I would love to hear Zs opinion on any of the JTR speakers he can get his hands on.

Diamond tier, yeah, but I need to hear what he thinks.

Something like this:


Good luck getting up the stairs tho…

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I asked him to review the Heddphone once. he said its too big lol

I would like to see him try a Violectric amp. Maybe the V280 on Drop? Or maybe he can get his hands on a V281. Certainly not “value priced” gear, but it would be interesting to hear his take on their house sound.

The ones that make it to the States have to have the foot cut off… even the pata negra, shame.

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db, we have children on this forum. keep it clean! :wink:


I don’t know what you’re talking about. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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Guideray Gr-i IEM. A great BL-03 competitor, and better in my opinion. Plus it comes with a nice cable with a quality mic and button, and they look gorgeous.


I mean. We are talking abut joysticks. :laughing:
For the full aged games.

I’d like a review of anything Fyne Audio, had my eye on them for a while since they’re a relatively new Scottish brand but I can’t really find any reviews on youtube for them.

Also would like to see some reviews of Lake People/Vioelectric stuff, I see them recommended a lot on the forums, but I had never heard of them before posting here. I think it’d maybe let more people who only really watch youtube reviews (like I did before) find out just how good they are.

couldnt find any Violextric

Maybe I should’ve said more than the one he’s reviewed :sweat_smile: completely forgot about that one

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