Unofficial - What you want Zeos to review thread

Dec '20 Revised list

MHDT Orchid
MHDT Pagoda Balanced
Lampizator Amber 3
Holo Audio Spring KTE
Denafrips Terminator
Denafrips Pontus
Bryston bda-3 / bda-2
Sonnet Morpheus
Mola Mola Tambaqui

SS Hp Amps:
Burson Conductor 3XR or 3XP
Burson Soloist 3XP
HeadAmp GSX Mini
Flux Labs Volot (pending)
XI Audio Formula S w/Powerman
SPL Phonitor X
Violectric V281
SimAudio Moon 430
Rogue RH-5
Mcintosh MHA150
Pass Labs HPA-1

Tube Hp Amps:
ZMF Pendant
Feliks Audio Elise
Auris HA2
Cayin HA300
Dragon Inspire IHA-1
Ultrasonic Oblivion
Mogwai SE
Eddie Current Balancing Act/ Aficionado
Manley Absolute
DNA Stellaris
Moth si2A3

Audeze LCD3
Raal sr1a
Hifiman HE6se v2 (powered from amp speaker taps)
Lsa-hp-1 (Kennerton Odin brother)
Lsa-hp-2 (Kennerton Gjallarhorn brother)

Fir Audio M4 / M5
Moondrop x Crinacle Blessing2:Dusk

Maggie LRS
Tekton Lore
Tekton Double Impact
Zu Audio Dirty Weekend
Zu Audio Omen
Buchardt A500
Buchardt A700
Swan M5A
Spatial Audio M3 sapphire M5 sapphire
Rel T/9i
Rythmik Audio FM8
Rythmik LVX12

Speaker/Integrated Amps:
Hegel H190/H390
Prima Luna Evo 400 / 300
Prima Luna Dialogue
Rogue sphinx v3
Audio Research tube / hybrid - Reference 150, Classic 120 mono, VT100 Mk2
Yamaha A-S3200
Adcom GFA 565 / 575 SE
Accuphase E-3XX
Krell KSA250
Pass Labs XA25/XA30
First Watt J2
Parasound Halo A21/23+
Classe CT-2300/2200

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I think you have all equipment listed there :slight_smile:

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1-2 per group only but I have 2021 goals in mind


Looks like he hasnt ever covered the Elegia. Currious to see his 2020 take on them given their price on the used market


i want some speaker amps, big ones. zeos is getting all theses big tower speakers and has 5 amps to power them with. but hes got like 10 setups.

i have been looking at the Samson SERVO 300 for a while now.

the Avantone Pro CLA-200 Studio Reference Amplifier is class AB

i have seen Behringer NX6000 Ultra-Lightweight power amps and wonder how they get that mush power for the price

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I’d like to see more speaker amps, too. Z says he is more of a speaker person than he is a headphone person.


Z will review whatever brings the views and a stream of new customers.

A review of him crapping on the iPod max (whatever they call it) will be far more impactful to the channel than him making love to a pair of Wilson towers.

So is that’s :ballot_box_with_check: for a Wilson tower review then :man_shrugging:

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I have never seen one of these in the wild.

Is that the big boy amp with the two VU-meters in the front?

  1. Low Quality parts
  2. China
  3. Class D amplification

There is an argument to be made of Class D for subwoofers, limited power budget and PA-Racks (for concerts, Stadiums, etc.) I would not run anything Class D at home.

Dan Clark Audio Æon 2 Noire

Schiit Audio Jotunheim 2


Why is that?

Class D entirely depends on the filtering after the amplifier stage.
If any of the filter components degrades due to component age, heat, etc. the carrier signal will bleed through causing hiss/humm etc.
It also brings high frequency “noise” close to the analog audio signal, which in my somewhat informed opinion is not a good idea.

To toot my own horn: Amplifier classes overview

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Zeos is getting processed and will be more active in the hifi asylum. :upside_down_face:

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I would be pleased if he would test the Singxer Sda 2 with the Singxer interface Su 2 and 6.

The tube headphone amplifier from Quicksilver would be great.

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I’d love to see Z review the Rogersound Lab CG-25:

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You had me at MTMs.

This couch.


Got alot going on.

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Cheapest balanced DAC ever? :grin: Peavey USB-P. 50$. USB in, 2XLR out. Not even a volume knob.

From a buyer:

The heavy lifting is done by a Texas Instruments PCM2705, with an SNR of 98db, sample rates of 32, 44.4, and 48 kHz. This is an older USB 1.1 complaint device and has since been replaced by the PCM2705C with USB 2 compliance.

I believe Zeos never talked about Dayton’s offering since the B652-Air.
Here’s something that looks good for 70$ for the pair.