*use the new survey* How much gear y'all got

This is because someone was curious what the majority of people here have in numbers. Please only check one answer because I screwed up.

I also made this a wiki post so anyone can edit it and add stuff if they want and fix the issues that are on there lol

This is for headphones only

  • One headphone
  • Two headphones
  • Three headphones
  • More than four headphones

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This is for iems/in ears only

  • One IEM
  • Two IEMs
  • Three IEMs
  • More than four IEMs

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This is for dacs or devices that are mainly a dac

  • One dac
  • Two dacs
  • Three dacs
  • More than four dacs

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This is for pure headphone amps or units that are mainly amps

  • One amps
  • Two amps
  • Three amps
  • More than four amps

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This is for passive speakers (pair)

  • One passive speaker
  • Two passive speakes
  • Three passive speakers
  • More than four passive speakers

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This is for speaker amps or devices that are mainly a speaker amp

  • One speaker amp
  • Two speaker amps
  • Three speaker amps
  • More than four speaker amps

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This is for active speakers (pair)

  • One active speaker
  • Two active speakers
  • Three active speakers
  • More than four active speakers

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This is for DAPs

  • One DAP
  • Two DAPs
  • Three DAPs
  • More than four DAPs

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I think some should be rephrased from “more than 4” to "4 or more "


Or just add a 4 items option

What about subwoofers? Should they count as active speakers or get their own category? Do you want AVRs to be included in the speaker amps category? Perhaps another question to consider is the number of complete systems we have. For example, I have a home theater, work desk, home desk, and mobile gear. Some may also have a standalone 2 channel speaker room, or even a dac+amp stack on their nightstand.

Just thoughts…

I think it should be editable by everyone. I can edit it myself when I’m not busy tho

thanks ill start to add stuff to it when I also have time

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I’m just on mobile and pretty busy today so I just threw this up quickly before I left because someone mentioned it

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Can’t change a poll after the first 5 minutes

Well shit. I guess that didn’t work out lol

I think you could delete or remake the poll tho

Please re-do as I said I had more than 4 headphones (I was including iem’s with that) without reading on :grimacing:

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Well RIP to the people who voted then which is unfortunate

Make it so that if you have less that less than 4 headphones then a links popup and you get transferred to the deal thread.

I don’t think you could do that with a basic poll, but it does sound like a great idea. Perhaps I could just make the text a hyperlink and if they happen to click on the text it chooses a random deal thread since we have like 4 lol

He’res a redo. Took the code for the poll here and fixed it.


There we go, nice :+1:

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My answers to all of the above was ‘more than 4’, I think I might have a problem :slight_smile:

Pretty much the same lol

Damn PPL. You all are weird.
In headphones We have majority in the 4 or more followed by 2 then 1 while 3 is the least ?

In IEM I’m amazed to see ppl with 1 IEM 2nd highest.

Fun thing to look at though. Maybe we can make this a yearly thing to see how the community is growing.


Cause once you reach a certain point you really don’t care anymore…

What point is that lol