🔶 Verum One MK2

This is the official thread for the Verum One MK2

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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Boy do they look pretty! so much better than the first ones! Now they sound good, they look good, are built good, like damn, they good!

Also more pictures here:

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Has anything changed apart from the headband and grill?

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They use the perforated leather pads now, but you will be able to buy the original non perforated pads for $35

Oh, Mickey mouse is past, what a shame :sleepy:


Currently watching :eyes: Hifiman Sundara reviews but the Verum One MK2’s seem better in pretty much every way, most likely will get Verum’s


Lol, I liked the looks of the MK1 too. :man_shrugging:

I think the sundara vs the older verums was competing for a different market tbh. The sundara was going for a light and airy sound with refinement, while the verum was going for the heavy hitter v shaped fun sound (although more warm v), so more preference thing, I could recommend both tbh

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It’s also interesting to have… handmade planars, made by someone in his basement in Ukraine or something.


Ye id rather have heavy hitter v shaped fun sound, and the Verums look better now and they have swivel and better pads so yeah

Yeah, if you cared about warranty I would go with the sundara lol

With Hifimans QC issues? Hmm, no :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t get over how good the MK2 looks like god damn what an improvement! The carbon ones especially look sexual :weary:


The older hifiman had issues but the sundara really doesn’t have many issues at all. Their new lineup really isn’t a concern. I would be weary of any SE models or older units tho. I have only had to deal with hifiman warranty once and it was fast and painless, the headband on my he560v1 snapped and they quickly mailed over a new one

The verum mk1 had a fair amount off QC issues, more than the sundara, but it is one person so it makes sense. Hopefully the mk2 doesn’t have as many issues


The only issue that Sundara has is that it doesnt have swivel afaik

Yeah I do prefer the older style headbands, but the sundara wasn’t bad for my head personally

Also, I don’t hate the wood and flower-ish pattern on the MK2s, but, err, this guy really likes the “headphones found in your grand grandmothers home” aesthetic apparently, lol.

Anyway, carbon ftw :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ooooh these look interesting. Are they a V shaped sound? Planar? Hard to drive?

Going from the original yes they are warmer v shaped (well done v), they are hard to drive (low ohms puts a heavy load on most amps), and yes large planar

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Oh wow, these sound interesting. If you had to compare them to, say, the Argon or the 177x Go, what would they compare like?