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This is the official thread for the Vokyl Erupts. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Closed-ish Back

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Zeos - “This is the official thread for the Bose 700 ANC.”


Also I just got my Vokyls and I can’t even use them. Allow me to explain.

Cable - EDIT 1 : I originally complained I couldn’t use the provided cables…I am dumb. Rephrased the complaint.
The cables come with built in volume controls and a mic mute switch. I understand having that on the cable that comes with the mic, but why is that even a thing for the cable that doesn’t have a mic? Give me a regular cable please.

Pads -
HOLY BAIT AND SWITCH BATMAN. The pads that were shipped with the demos were clearly ThicBoys at about a 1-1/2" but the pads that come with the production run models are about a 1" thick. Just look at the photo above and look at the photo for the video. Yeah they provide 2 pads, but it’s as if they cut the original pads in half in order to say, “Look we gave you two pad options, who else does that?” I’m going to have to look around and test out some other pads, if i’m lucky it’ll address some of the clamp force issues.

Speaking of Clamp -
…wait, is there clamp? I have a feeling i’m going to have to bend the bejesus out of that headband to add some sort of clamp force to these things. I legit move my head forward 10° or more and these things are begging to fly off, don’t move your head while listening to music.

I guess I’ll add more when I get the chance to actually listen to these things, but for now I’m disappointed in the Vokyl team.

Edit 2: I am a little bit of an idiot. I have to appologize as I didn’t realize the other cable had a volume control on it…cough…yeah…it was down all the way. I can use them. My other complaints still stand.

Edit 3: ZMF Fenestrated Ori Pads FOR THE WIN!!! Minor downside is the gap they allow for the cup pivot is slightly catching on the leather, but it was doing that to the stock pad. I might add some electrical tape there to prevent early wear on the pads.

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Well we will see when I get my set and hopefully the original set that they based everything off of. I know my pair had that narrow AF headband that meant it barely fit. So maybe they overcompensated. Also my pads were about an inch when I reviewed. So they might be fine.

PS. I copy pasta from other threads when I make a new one. Bose was my victim this time.

Are the drivers still angled?

They are. No idea if the angle and depth is the same as preproduction, but they are angled.

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Do you plan on getting a balanced cable to test them with? 2.5mm TRRS going into the cups make them less easily adaptable with cables you already have.

Was thinking of getting some thick ZMF or Brainwavz XL pads too fit on, as long as they (the pads) aren’t angled. Will wait to see what Zeos and others really enjoy

The reddit guy said beyer pads fit perfectly and they are 100mm. Normal brainwaves are also 100mm, but the xl’s are 110mm, so they might be too loose. But they are definitely worth experimenting with.

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I’ve emailed Vokyl directly to find out if they know of another source for those cables. I’ll probably end up making my own if I can’t find anything. Not a fan of the inline controls with the mic mute switch that is useless.

Push come to shove I’ll have to crack these open to see if maybe they can be re-soldered to be balanced. Although I’m afraid to be the first guy to melt his Erupts. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: I’m still learning about all this stuff but perhaps CITA connections already allow for balanced?

Not sure how large the stock pads are but my Ori pads are 104mm and that is slightly catching. I’d say the Brainwave XL pads would suffer even more from this problem.

I’m thinking of trying some of the Dekoni pads, specifically THESE. Although Dekoni doesn’t list any specs so I don’t know how large these are, I think the Beyer DTs use 100mm pads. I’ll try some of my Brainwavz when I get home to see if they fit better than the Ori pads.

I’m pretty sure you can run these balanced, you “just” need dual 3 pole connectors instead of the standard 2 pole.

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CTIA does not allow for balanced as there is only one ground, as opposed to two (one for left and one for right). CTIA is just stereo with a pole for mic:

What I’m confused by is why the cups have anything other than stereo or mono going into each. On the end of the V-Moda BoomMic Pro with the mic that plugs into the left side of headphones is just stereo. The other end is the 4 pole (I believe CTIA as well). Maybe someone more knowledgable can answer but I’d guess it may have to do with the detachable mic design they originally planned on having, though I still don’t know why they would need the cups to be CTIA. Having a 4 pole go into the headphone itself only makes sense for balanced when there’s a single cable coming down and not a split, like on the Fostex T60RP.

3 pole is stero. Are they anything more than duel stero connectors?

Both 2.5mm going into the cups are 4 pole. I presume they are also CTIA?

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I’ll drop my pic of the driver here too.


Oh wow that’s stupid. Yea, there’s absolutely no reason it should be more than stereo. I guess this is why they were silent about what connector it used :laughing: . Unless it still can be used by a stereo connector (which is possible), you’ll have to make your own (unless you can find a duel 4 pole cable literally anywhere). Or it could be like the utopia or adx5000 and be popular enough to warrant companies making custom cables for it.

Most likely those connectors are cheaper and easier to source. Check if the socket is also 4 pole, my guess is that even if it’s 4 pole it is being used like a mono socket.

It cant be mono because of the microphone input making the source end a 4 pole. But yes, they are just reusing the source connector as the headphone input.

I was referring to the ones in the cup. The mic has nothing to do with the cups.

It does have to do with the cups input. You cannot run a dual cable with a microphone with mono connectors. They have to be stereo.