What are you drinking tonight?

I’m drinking liquor (whiskey, vodka) and organic red wine (the cheapest I could find), with a splash of water. I’m going to try adding bubbles.

I am working a 2018 La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir this evening. Very nice. Well put together.

A good Islay scotch

Having a nice pork chop tonight so I decided to try this.

Really nice. I don’t drink whites much so it was a nice change. I would drink this again, definitely.


We had pork chops tonight as well. Sauv Blanc tends to be the go to in the house. I used to drink more red than white, but it flares up my heartburn much easier than white

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This was a really nice surprise. I found it in a sweet little wine shop in Half Moon Bay, a town on the CA coast. Lots of great selections there, tho a bit spendy. This one wasn’t bad at all. I may have to go back there. It’s a great ride, actually. Leave early on a Saturday where the marine layer pushes back early, get my haul and get out before the herd descends! And of course, take the long way home.

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I’m going to see if I can find a bottle next time I’m at Total Wine

Good choice. I prefer red wine mostly but this white is really worthy. Need to drink it again

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7yo Kaiyo whisky from Japan…, aged in Mizunara oak… smooth, sweet, fruity, no peat… reminds me of Highland Park. Like most Japanese whisky I’ve tried, remarkably good stuff.