What are you watching (movies / tv) thread

I thought there was one…but I can’t seem to find it. if there is, oops.


I watched the same series and today. :crazy_face:

yeh I might have to binge watch s1 so I’m up on all the nuances for s2.

I think this is about the same

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So post there for recommendation and here for stuff still watching and not recommending.

We need a ruling.

I think “what did you watch today” covers both and is more established.

Great, gonna ask if anybody watchin raised by wolves and lovecraft.

I haven’t watched them yet…but they’re in my que.


Watched raised by wolves, not sure i recommend it yet, but tuning in for the rest of the first season.

not sure you’d recommend it? what’s caused the hesitation?

Not sure what kind of show all of you are looking for, but one that comes to mind is “After Life”. It is a Netflix show written and directed by Ricky Gervais.

I enjoyed the two seasons that are currently out, and connected with a lot of the characters, but especially the main character’s depression, anger, and dark humor as he processes losing his wife. Despite the heavier premise, it’s a meaningfully balanced show and there are just enough heartwarming moments, thoughtful one-liners, humorous interactions, and lighthearted chemistry between the show’s oddball characters.

Each season has six episodes, and each episode runs until the 30 minutes mark or so. So not as big of a time commitment as some other shows. Easy 8/9 out of 10 for me.

Looks scifi channel chessy.