What did you buy today? (Part 1)

If it’s really not needed regularly buy the cheapest you can get. Even that should last a long time. Corded i find seem to last forever and if portability in the home is not that big a deal then you also save a ton of money for something else

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Does not matter where made. Almost all USA audio made in China. Same for 99% of audio products. Matters where home company is.

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Not sure what you mean. Import tax is import tax, you pay it if you want your products to pass customs. Home country of company doesn’t really have anything to do with it. Origin of the shipment is what matters.

import taxes are much less for unfinished products and bulk shipments. meze pays 1 import tax to romania, we in the USA then pay an additional import tax to get it to the USA. you skip that, and save 100$

just saying does not matter who builds it, it matters who sells it for taxes.

Wouldn’t make much business sense for them to have a shipping hub in Romania. We don’t have any major international ports or airports. I may be wrong, but I think they ship the final products directly to merchants out of China. Except for the Empyrean.

Anyway, we’re polluting the topic a bit. Doesn’t matter in the end, MSRP was the same as anywhere until recently, now I’m seeing lower prices, could be just an end of year sale and nothing more.

A chunk of power

And ofcourse I stuck a little arrow on it.


What are your thoughts on it so far?

Apart from the noise floor when you put <40 Ohm headphones on it, it is lovely. As said in the thread on this chunk of lovely, I added a little jumper mod.

Standby time is a tad short, wakeup time is alright for what it is.

The powa is mine!


I think the sleep is a bit sensitive, so I turn off the auto sleep function and just leave mine on 24/7. I measured the power draw from the wall and it’s about 7 watts with it just left turned on with no sound playing, which isn’t bad, IMO. Less than a PS4 in sleep mode, I’m pretty sure.

Demonstrating my complete lack of self control, and inability to follow my no more purchases this year edict.
I picked up a used Gungnir Multibit.


Dang, well curious to see how you think

I figure it’s used, I won’t lose a lot on it if I hate it.
But the general descriptions are in line with what I’m looking for and it’s “comparable” in price to the Bifrost 2, I assume Schiit will release a unison USB card for it in the new year.
Now I just need an amp upgrade…
But that’s definitely not this year.

Welp, Guitar Center has iLoud Micros in mint condition “open box” for $175. I just placed an order for a pair to be delivered to a nearby center… I’m told that if I’m dissatisfied, then I can simply return them. We’ll see how it goes.

Dang, that’s a great deal, hope you enjoy them :+1:

Their website claims should be ready to pick up in 3-5 business days. I should have a few days next week while I work to test them out and see if I enjoy them. If not, then I get to return them and look for plan B.

I guess I shouldn’t say that’s all I ordered today. Things are slowly going to come together, though some won’t get to me till I return to school.
XD-05 on eBay for $146.65 shipped
2x 3’ RCA cables from Monoprice, $11.32 shipped
1/4" thick “high density non-slip” yoga mat (gonna cut it up and use it like @ZeosPantera does, yes I’m stealing the idea) $14.42 shipped
ZMF Ori perf lambskin $67.98 shipped
OL Switcher w/ personal engraving and shipping insurance $50.83 shipped
“Oh Ashley” t-shirt (look up “Flirting with Ashley” on YouTube to understand, I find it funny as hell) $24.91 shipped.

I may have spent a bit much for one day…


Sweet, have a few seikos, including the cocktail time…love it!

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Found a guy on reddit selling Campfire Orions for $100 shipped and I offered $80 and he accepted, comes with an extra aftermarket cable aswell, have always been curious about the fit of these CA IEMs. Guess i’ll get to try them myself in a few days!

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I love my Seiko SNE435. Built like a tank, a reasonable size and solar charged. Seiko is one of the best values in watches IMO.